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Nancy Janes and the wrong treatment

Friday, December 25th, 2015

She is a lost case. From medical point of view.

But she continues to surprise us all with her insanity or evilness or a combination of both.

In one of her latest posts, she is blaming her obsession, Dana Costin from ROLDA for a hacked account.

Some idiots believe her. Tip for Nancy Janes: if you wish problems to be solved and to really search for justice, report to Police, complain to Justice. If you wish to make a fuss on internet, to pose in a victim and an army of brain washed idiots to believe your lies, continue to complain on Facebook!

It’s simple!

Can you believe some people still give this insane woman donations and credit her actions?

Did all hospices closed in California?

And this is the masterpiece wrote by Nancy Janes herself:


La Piovra (The Octopus)

Saturday, August 8th, 2015

“La Piovra” or The Octopus is a stylish name when referring to Mafia.

Welcome to Romanian Dogs Mafia … understanding the winding routes of money is part of this “business” …Did you ever wonder how comes that UN-employed, ordinary, “broken ego” foreign citizens suddenly waking up, one morning, realize that their purpose in life is to save Romanian animals…when they waste a lifetime to save their animals, in the origin country?

But, hey – they found THEIR REAL purpose in life – rescuing Romanian animals only ;-)

And this rescuing should be done with drama, queen-style, glamorous, with ostentation and in case somebody ask a question which might  shake the imminent glory …that someone will be executed with obscene messages, will be slander and added on “Top Enemies List” (also known as Black List) Thanks God that Facebook is tolerant with bullying people! ;-)

The “Foreign-Queens-Animal-Rescuers-in-Romania” need to build their ” play ground” now. They search for the most obedient, ass-kissers native Romanian animal rescues (and the offer is generous!) who would sell their mother for a dollar and … together they focus next 1. how to make as much money as possible 2. how to money laundry in the best possible way. Let’s not forget that Romanian native-animal rescuers also need left overs from “rich tables”. And they get the scraps after even leftovers end …because the “foreign queens” are greedy. And Romanians are always asked to give something in return:  they are the ones who do the hard rescue working, they need to be extra-loyal, to bite and bark like guardian dogs do, at the “queens” command.

Now the queen must find a way to money-laundry!

Let’s take Sara Turetta example from Save the Dogs. Her organization has income of 900,000 EUR/annually and half of this amount (yes, you read it right!) goes to “salaries” ….have you ever considered that when you donated to save the dogs?

Do you need another example?

Nancy Janes from Romania Animal Rescue created multiple affiliates in Romania so the money transferred couldn’t be traced.

1. RARF was created in 2008.

Current status on Ministry of Justice is “in dissolution“…Status 2 years ago was the same.

Money transferred from USA to Romania that vanished in RARF account: 40,000 US$ !!!!

2. Family Vet – this is the Nancy Janes’ vet collaborator registered company.

During 2014, only – the money declared by Nancy Janes to be transfered to this vet and the money declared by the vet to Romanian authorities do not match….I mean, do not match…because approx. 248,000 US$ are LEGALLY missing!

Have you ever counted 248,000 US$? Do you imagine how 248,000 US$ look like together? Family Vet doctor, Aurelian Stefan knows the answer!

Family Vet Bucharest has the following income declared in 2014:

But SURPRISE, Family Vet Craiova has NO FINANCIAL info declared! Why?

3. WAVE Association (World Animal Veterinary Emissaries) unique identification code (CUI) 28342119

WAVE declared income on 2014: 323, 657 RON (96,615 US$) and expenses for 2014: 228, 181 RON . Profit for WAVE in 2014: 95,476 RON

The scheme is to know how to make money in Romania…or how to make money from Romanian animals tragedy….and these “experts” seem to manage just fine!

Nancy Janes sabotage ROLDA Sterilization Campaign

Friday, August 7th, 2015

Together with its affiliates, ROLDA planned a sterilization campaign for poor pets who belong to people from nearby villages.

But, it’s hard to make plans, with  enemies who hunt worse than predators,  to kill (in this case, “only” to destroy) for fun, for their inhumane pleasure and to satisfy their big ego. And they still find naive people to believe them that they are “animal lovers”…what animal lover would do that?I am asking you: Who would do that and Why?

What did the poor people from those villages done wrong to deserve all these? They put their hopes in this project because they can’t afford to fix their pets nor to microchip them. What did those pets done wrong, who suffer and who will continue to make puppies who will suffer at their turn?


Look what ROLDA received as explanation as why the mass-sterilization program can’t take place as planned:

(quote from a longer message sent from a Swiss organization’ staff named Esther)

I am terribly sorry that it seems now a bigger thing than I thought …. it is not so easy. I do not know what happened in the past and I do not know why people like Aurelian Stefan, Sara Turetta, Nancy Janes and others are so angry.

(you see, the bastards who sabotage the campaign are mentioned in full name!)

This message was sent from the Swiss organization who was suppose to contribute with extra vets to increase the number of sterilizations performed during a few days marathon campaign in the villages surrounding Galati area.

As you can see, every time ROLDA is planning good initiatives, Nancy Janes, Aurelian Stefan, Sara Turetta and their gang is there to destroy…because they are after money and glory…and because nothing stays in their way!

These people formed a gang and only who is with them is promoted and considered “acceptable” and all the others are called names, attacked, slander.

In case you support such people, wake up! Until it’s not too late…

Some did wake up…


If you had before any reason to doubt

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

No reasons of doubt anymore …. proof is here!

Rob Cole who presently admin the slander-website against ROLDA is on Romania Animal Rescue board.

The slander-website was created by Nancy Janes and her fanatics.

Read also: Romanian Court found Nancy Janes guilty for slandering ROLDA

Rob Cole is the official webmaster of Romania Animal Rescue website. Because Nancy Janes preferred cowardly to hide her own name  when the slander against ROLDA continued in the past 10 years and when people from all over the World start becoming annoyed by this attitude, she advanced Rob Cole to be the “official” admin of the slander-web too!

For technical virtues but also for being “usable” as shield, since 2013, Rob Cole is part of Romania Animal Rescue board.

(click picture to enlarge)


Romanian Court founds Nancy Janes GUILTY!

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

From Civil sentence 10479, public meeting from 06 November 2013:

On the guilt of the defendants, the Court notes that the articles were published on the website WDMDG  The defendants showing that the administrator of the website is the american citizen Nancy Janes, sponsor of ROLDA Foundation

The trial refers to the legal action taken by Dana Costin and ROLDA Foundation against the defamatory statements made by Cenac Vasile, Enachi Mirela and Capatana Georgeta, published on the website created by Nancy Janes, in her poor attempts to harm ROLDA reputation and hurt the 700 rescued dogs from their shelters.

The Romanian Court decided on civil sentence 10479,dated 06 November 2013 that Nancy Janes is guilty for making defamatory statements!

Click on the photo to see full

Photo scanned

Nancy Janes back up illegal dogs actions

Friday, April 5th, 2013

It happens in Romania… as in her own country,in USA – she would probably be sent to prison…

This report is coming from Moreni and describes an event where RAR fails to respect the current Romanian laws, again.

From Nancy Janes herself -

“Celebrating Stray animals’ day with RAR

Mandy Easter killed Romanian disabled dog

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

Shocking reports about Mandy Easter real love for the animals you can read on this Facebook page.

To resume, after raising money for half of year, using a disabled dog sufferance, keeping the dog alive just for the profit – Mandy Easter finally made the transport arrangements.

Sasha arrived in UK in March 2013 and 48 hours later, he was killed thanks to Mandy Easter care!


IRS 2010 – Romania Animal Rescue misleading again?

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

After being exposed  for forgetting” to justify over 40000 US$ on activities in Romania, the next IRS form for 2010 is incomplete, meaning that RAR and President Nancy Janes conveniently “forgot” to write officially where the donations (possibly YOUR donation) was gone, to which charity specifically.

It is against the rules and against an honest charity’ transparency not to specify where people’s money were sent in the country supposed to be helped.


If you add up the numbers of  “detailed total expenses” it is not even close to the total expenses declared by her on the first page.



The IRS form for 2010 is modified coarsely by Nancy Janes with the pencil and it is forbidden by law to correct over the “audited” original.

You will find nowhere else, to any reputable charity such modifications!


If you add these numbers the total is 102000 US$ which doesn’t reflect to any number previously declared. Plus, the last number is attached on the original with pencil, again Nancy Janes writing!


I don’t want to imply it’s not accurate; I try to make a point that it’s illegal.


Do you ever wonder why the IRS form are not listed, ever, on the RAR official website? Or why the receipts “received” from current collaborators like Dr.A. & Co are never made public while receipts from ROLDA are “everywhere” because ROLDA was fooled to send these receipts (so Nancy Janes can choose and pick up, as she required- what she needed, as she already had a translator)…while the present collaborators send her just a piece of paper A4 .

The funniest part is that according to Janes herself public statements on Facebook page, this is legal ,according to US laws?! A piece of A4 solve and explains everything!

How in the World to justify nearly 100000 US$ with a piece of paper and be OK? In which country? On what Planet?


These are questions crossing my mind not to compromise the work RAR does in Romania but to opposite these illegal actions with the slander that Nancy Janes deliberately created to hurt ROLDA and prevent their dogs to get support.

Proofs against Nancy Janes & Co. lies

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

A letter writen by Cenac to Nancy Janes in favour of ROLDA and Dana Costin

Nancy Janes represents Romania Animal Rescue (RAR). Since ROLDA split RAR, one of Nancy Janes’ goals became to slander this charity as much and as often as possible.

Because she knows that ROLDA doesn’t have resources to sue her in California,  her obsession is limitless and getting worse, despite the regular medication that Janes take to control her damaged brain/ emotions.

Same goes to Kendra Pinder, a very “respected” forgery from UK, used to be a medium and than a defender of abused kids….now an “eternal” animal lover…

These ”characters” (Kendra Pinder and Nancy Janes plus the gang they are paying to slander ROLDA using different online tools) spread Cenac video on the internet - commenting abusively that Cenac dogs became sick because some pups abandoned by ROLDA and Dana.

This proof posted here will show among other conclusions you can jump using your own head, that:

1. Cenac has a duplicity personality and is basically a big liar;

2. Nancy Janes, Kendra Pinder and Co. know, in fact ,that no dog or puppy got sick  by ROLDA 5 years ago(!!!) in the municipal pound where Cenac is employed (where there are numerous dogs with distemper let free to get sick the healthy ones).

Why these women poisoned people heart and hurted ROLDA? Beside greed and envy, what other justifications exist?

Photocopy of the letter hand-written by Cenac in 2007 addressed to Nancy Janes


Same time when Cenac agreed to lie in front of the camera to please the precarious intelligence of Nancy Janes, the same Cenac wrote this letter cheating (once again) ROLDA trust, in order to get advantages.

Letter is available in original for expertise, etc.

Basically Cenac declares (after he recorded the famous video where he lies with no conscience) that Dana from ROLDA helps his shelter regularly. Cenac admits that there is less support lately coming to his way from ROLDA, due to the lack of donations (note: created by Nancy Janes/ RAR continuous slander).

I quote :” This (note: the less financial support) doesn’t mean that Dana loves less than before the dogs for which she works tireless in the past two years”. 

I spoke with Dr. Gheorghita (note:  RAR vet) and I claimed that Dana doesn’t come same often in my shelter because I wanted to avoid for instance telling Gheorghita that no later than 2 days ago, Dana came to pick up a hurted dog to transport him to a different veterinary.

I was afraid that I might cause another problem in Dana’s relation with Gheorghita (note: who is very revengeful person).This ultimately would affect this shelter too (…) without Dana’s help – I don’t know honestly what it would happen with this shelter, Dana being the only person that truly understand the dogs needs and why some repairing work must be done for winter, etc….

Now, it is  my turn to ask you – readers :

Why do you think a person will have so many hidden faces?

Why Cenac recorded the film for Nancy Janes and in the same time, he would wrote such a letter saying nice things about Dana?

Why Nancy Janes didn’t put online this material, too?

Why, after 5 years + someone like Janes suddenly remember to make a big fuss about an incident she invented a while ago?! Maybe because she believe that the evidences will be lost and she will win something from manipulating people?!


The so-called “threatening” phone call

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

“Threatened for revealing the truth….” what a cheap drama to fool more naives!!!! WEAK UP, people!

I am stunned that now Nancy Janes pretended she was “threaten” only because someone called at her home phone and said her she will be sued.

The whole drama is made to look like someone threaten to hurt her or something; this “incident” is amplified to fool more people with her obscure intentions of looking like a poor victim.

Nancy Janes started the whole slander campaign against ROLDA, she is not a victim – she is the author of all the garbage written lately, lies that hurt people and animals they look after.

Now, what she would expect?! People have intention to sue her, but if she would really feel “threaten” – it’s easy to solve this problem (if it would be true and not artificially created to get more sympathy) : call the Police, ask for the number and the place from where they /he called to be investigated….

Why mourning on the internet, and not take right decision?! To fool more people to give RAR a penny? Or send flowers to Janes?!