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If you had before any reason to doubt

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

No reasons of doubt anymore …. proof is here!

Rob Cole who presently admin the slander-website against ROLDA is on Romania Animal Rescue board.

The slander-website was created by Nancy Janes and her fanatics.

Read also: Romanian Court found Nancy Janes guilty for slandering ROLDA

Rob Cole is the official webmaster of Romania Animal Rescue website. Because Nancy Janes preferred cowardly to hide her own nameĀ  when the slander against ROLDA continued in the past 10 years and when people from all over the World start becoming annoyed by this attitude, she advanced Rob Cole to be the “official” admin of the slander-web too!

For technical virtues but also for being “usable” as shield, since 2013, Rob Cole is part of Romania Animal Rescue board.

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Mandy Easter killed Romanian disabled dog

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

Shocking reports about Mandy Easter real love for the animals you can read on this Facebook page.

To resume, after raising money for half of year, using a disabled dog sufferance, keeping the dog alive just for the profit – Mandy Easter finally made the transport arrangements.

Sasha arrived in UK in March 2013 and 48 hours later, he was killed thanks to Mandy Easter care!