Dr. A. kiss graved on each cookie

August 5th, 2015

Tired to kiss up old ladies asses,  Dr. A. moved to the next level…

No words can describe the image that you are about to see…and yes, it’s the “real one” …no photoshop ….dra_kiss

How to Throw up As Comfortably As Possible

It happens to all of us.  An indigestion can occur …Best solution?

Step 1 – Take a good look at this picture

Step 2 – That’s it

Can you imagine these two lips…where have been traveling, and traveling…and where provided services?

Vomiting was never more pleasant!

Juicy statements from Court files about WDMDG lies

October 2nd, 2014

Today, Georgeta Capatana statements!

It’s fantastic how Nancy Janes and her allies choose to manipulate people and feelings for their own dirty interests or obsessions! In case you thought you know “everything” about people …especially about the people that play innocents, sweet….or victims….hm, think about it again!

I never write any comment about the personal or professional life of the plaintiff, I never posted any comment or article on any website.(…)

I said from the very beginning that I was employeed at ROLDA Foundation and my working contract ceased in 2007 and in November 2011 I received a notification from the plaintiff where I was announced about the existence of some comments on the internet website WDMDG…. comments that seemed to be made by me.

Naturally, I contacted a person named Nancy Janes, an American citizen which was an important sponsor of ROLDA during the time I worked there and which I considered to be the owner or the administrator of that website because I never wished and I do not wish the association of my name with any article which is NOT WRITEN by myself!

So let’s ask Nancy Janes why she invents story and publish them on the internet on the name of the people that she knows they had a contact in the past with ROLDA.

Click on the photo to see full

Photo scan

Romanian Court founds Nancy Janes GUILTY!

October 2nd, 2014

From Civil sentence 10479, public meeting from 06 November 2013:

On the guilt of the defendants, the Court notes that the articles were published on the website WDMDG  The defendants showing that the administrator of the website is the american citizen Nancy Janes, sponsor of ROLDA Foundation

The trial refers to the legal action taken by Dana Costin and ROLDA Foundation against the defamatory statements made by Cenac Vasile, Enachi Mirela and Capatana Georgeta, published on the website created by Nancy Janes, in her poor attempts to harm ROLDA reputation and hurt the 700 rescued dogs from their shelters.

The Romanian Court decided on civil sentence 10479,dated 06 November 2013 that Nancy Janes is guilty for making defamatory statements!

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Photo scanned

Brenda at her lowest level?

July 17th, 2014

Brenda is stealing people’s Facebook profiles/covers photos and she is the most  stupid to be caught in action!


Nancy Janes back up illegal dogs actions

April 5th, 2013

It happens in Romania… as in her own country,in USA – she would probably be sent to prison…

This report is coming from Moreni and describes an event where RAR fails to respect the current Romanian laws, again.

From Nancy Janes herself -

“Celebrating Stray animals’ day with RAR
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Alex Ionescu sent Tilda to death

April 5th, 2013

There is no excuse when a rescuer choose the wrong family where to place a rescued soul.

It can be wrong judgement, lack of good intentions, maybe signs of stupidity.

But again, there are no real excuses to send a rescue being to death!

Alex Ionescu chose the worst, not for herself, unfortunately but conveniently for a rescued dog instead!

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Alex Ionescu integrity

April 5th, 2013

Have you ever tried to get registered as a charity?

It’s not same hard as sending rockets to the Moon…it’s for a medium-lower intellect, so everybody can do it…

If you would consider to register a charity, would you register it THREE TIMES in less than a year?

ALEX IONESCU created this blog:


and after a while, because of the public pressure, she had to get organize and register as a charity.

But look what happens when you search on Ministry of Finance her charity name:

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Kendra Pinder REAL plan of action

March 23rd, 2013

After reading the comments from these print screens, did you also ended up wondering how much money Kendra Pinder makes exploiting the situation of street dogs from Romania?

Tired to fail, kill the dogs “she saves” on the process, or dump them in shelters all over Europe, tired to loose dogs from the transportation vehicles, Kendra Pinder is hunting new victims.

After the total mess she did in Radauti public shelter, Kendra Pinder is hunting persons with good shelters, which she can use, by giving them scraps (few coins from the big bugs she makes on the dogs of Romania).

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Mandy Easter killed Romanian disabled dog

March 23rd, 2013

Shocking reports about Mandy Easter real love for the animals you can read on this Facebook page.

To resume, after raising money for half of year, using a disabled dog sufferance, keeping the dog alive just for the profit – Mandy Easter finally made the transport arrangements.

Sasha arrived in UK in March 2013 and 48 hours later, he was killed thanks to Mandy Easter care!

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Proofs about RAR ploting against ROLDA

January 22nd, 2013

Any words added to this will give a little humanity, which would be wrong as these people do not have any care for ROLDA dogs. They do care only about their egos, pockets and insanity …These are some of the people that put ROLDA in a bad light over the years. Please share and MAKE JUSTICE!