Mr Rogge(Dutch Policeman) phone conversation with Hanneke T.


Today, June 6th, 2011, I spoke with Mr. Rogge, police-officer in Heerlen, Limburg, The Netherlands and this is what he told me.

Sunday 29th of May, 2011, he was present at a transport of dogs from Romania after they got a phone call from someone, probably from the McDonalds restaurant, the meeting point.

In this specific transport were 50 (FIFTY) dogs in wooden crates of approx. 40 x 50 cm’s, 3 dogs in each box! On top op the wooden crates there were little iron kennels with little dogs/puppies in it, the kennels were fastened with ropes.

All wooden kennels were in a very poor condition inside, all crates were covered with faeces and urine, almost no water left in the kennels, empty jerry cans and no ventilation.

All dogs were in very bad condition.It seemed as if the dogs have been travelling non-stop.

There were 2 drivers, so probably they switched during the trip. The policeman was wondering if they had ever stopped to take care of the dogs in any way.

There were adoptive people (and probably foster families as well) on the parking lot, so the police officers let the dogs go, thinking that they were saved….They ended up with the 10 ROLDA dogs for the UK.

A vet, who was consulted by the police, checked them all out and gave no permission to travel, they would most probably never have reached England alive…

The vet advised a stay during the night in Holland, so the dogs could regain some of  their strength.

The van needed to be cleaned as well as it wasn’t suitable for transport of animals the way it arrived in Holland.

The original plan of RAA was to have them all travel to the UK in the van, but as it is NOT ALLOWED to travel with more than 5 DOGS in a car, because of that only 5 dogs left Holland.

If they would have stopped at the border our elsewhere, the authorities could have confiscated them all.

I have told this to Mrs. Phillips on many, many occasions, but obviously she didn’t listen……transporting 50 dogs in a car!

Hereafter RAA didn’t want to tell ROLDA where the 5 dogs (Ajax, Bubu, Igloo, Blanduta and Tata) went.

Soon enough we found out they are in the care of Maria Polman under supervision of Mr. Hanno Berger of .

                                                    Hanneke Tesselaar