RAA : Romania Animal Aid

Chrissy Phillips, the founder of Romania Animal Aid, visited ROLDA in 2008.

She wrote (using her own magnificant brain and hands) TESTIMONIALS and despite promising, never visited ROLDA ever since than.

Due to Nancy Janes’ persuasive (not to say obsessive) techniques to manipulate things and people in her favor, Chrissy Phillips was soon “convinced” to join the backstabbers team.

While ROLDA collaborated with RAA, in numerous occasion people warned Dana that Chrissy Phillips was badmouthing her and her charity, the only wish that Dana had was to rehome as many dogs as possible, so she go ahead and forget about the rumors.

ROLDA sent dogs for adoption in UK and for almost 2 years, RAA organized these transports and reported no problems. Of course two of the drivers hired by RAA and Chrissy stole from ROLDA objects and money, and Chrissy Phillips had no reaction on that, but hey, dogs were safely adopted and everyone was happy.

In May 2011, ROLDA sent, via RAA and Chrissy, 10 dogs. The ROLDA driver arrived in Bucharest, the meeting point – where a van was waiting for more dogs to show up. Chrissy Phillips and some of her friends claimed that in total  there were 22- 23 or 24 dogs in the transportation vehicle( to everyone’s surprise, they didn’t knew themselves the real number of dogs!!!)

Incidentally, when they stopped in Holland – police was alerted by animal lovers from a McDonalds who saw the poor dogs transportation conditions.

Here you can read the Dutch policeman’  full decsription.

Basically the Police was about to confiscate all the dogs. Being confronted – Chrissy Phillips lied Dana that “all dogs arrived OK” (by sms) but eventually, she finally admitted that  5 dogs  (from the 10 ROLDA dogs) were dumped in Holland and the rest transported to “safe families” in UK.

Up to present the remained 5 dogs never reached UK.

The reality is that the Policeman forbidden the continuation of the transport for those 5 dogs to UK because they were kept in such terrible conditions, that he was afraid they will not make it.

It was Chrissy Phillips’ duty to send a van within few days and take the dogs from Holland, where they were recovering to their final destination, UK. She didn’t done this, preffering to leave the dogs somewhere into a shelter, run by a very generous person who accepted immediately to save the dogs and find them forever homes.

Only because ROLDA announced ending the collaboration with RAA , and being asked by supporters why – ROLDA sent them the Dutch Police (unofficial) report, RAA transparently show their “affiliation” with RAR and Nancy Janes (years after they kept it hidden) and join in slandering ROLDA.