The mess of Kendra Pinder in Radauti

This is the article resulted after an official investigation of FPAM to the Radauti pound, where Kendra Pinder claims she /her group helps the animals.

The visited was announced up front, still FPAM couldn’t find people to accompany them to the dogs.Imagine what it would had happened if the visit wouldn’t be officially announced!!!

In response to the investigations conclusions, ALINA GAVRILOAIE – the person who cash in the leftovers from KENDRA PINDER gang “defended” herself in a real pathetic manner!

REAL Radauti pound

Photo from FPAM website.

As you can see, while KENDRA PINDER /RAA/Action Aid for Animals UK slander others’ work , the dogs that they “help” live in the dark!

Alina Gavriloaie “defense” is amazing….I can’t help not comment a little from her inept remarks.

Alina Gavriloaie wrote:

am preferat ca la un moment dat sa platesc din donatii pe cineva din Radauti care sa mearga regulat (zilnic) la adapost si sa se ingrijeasca de caini.”

TRANSLATION : I preferred at some point to pay from the donations collected someone from Radauti to go day by day to the shelter to care for the dogs”

or “un tehnician veterinar si o doamna multa vreme voluntara in Radauti acum sunt angajati de RGAW pentru a acorda ajutor timp de 4 ore /zi”

TRANSLATION: “A technician vet and one lady volunteer are now hired by RGAW part time 4 hours/day”

QUESTION: How can a private person  “hire” another private person? What do you do, dear? Encourage the black work in Romania?

How a private person can hire a technician vet? Maybe ITM Institution can answer these concerns?

Alina G. wrote :”Situatia din 2010 poate fi vazuta in filmuletele facute de mine puse pe youtube sub numele chandra50000.”

This is almost like a confession for a Court case, considering that using the same account chandra50000 on Youtube, you slandered others groups which you don’t wish to split the donations with ;-)

Alina Gavriloaie continues:”Voluntarii nu sunt organizati in vreo asociatie, nu exista deocamdata vreun statut juridic”

TRANSLATION: The volunteers are not formed as a registered organization, or associated legally”

WOW!! KENDRA PINDER collects money for someone who isn’t legally registered as a charity? But where she sends money, to private pocket? How these funds are justified?

I believe that this whole “new business” of Kendra Pinder The Medium is a total scam, she seems doing exactly what she criticizes about others….which is simply…WOW!!!

Alina Gavriloaie:”in curand va exista si un contract de colaborare oficial cu primaria.”

TRANSLATION: “Soon there WILL BE a contract officially signed with City Hall”

Which means that the big words announced on Action Aid for Animals website, the clever playing with words – is a lie…..a total misleading of genuine people who believed you actually collaborate with the City Hall…The local authorities denied any collaboration…

Alina Gavriloaie: “In martie au fost vaccinati absolut toti cainii din adapost si a deparazitat toti cainii, operatiune care a costat peste 3000 euro”

TRANSLATION:”In March there were vaccinated all the dogs and dewormed, the whole operation cost 3000 EUR”.

WHY? Where are the verifiable proofs for this statement? How vaccines could be purchased by a private person when DSV has strict rules regarding this?

Maybe a new letter should be addressed to ANSVSA for clarifications.

Alina Gavriloaie says :”s-a realizat o retea de “foster care” (cazare temporara pentru cainii bolnavi ,in curs de adoptie sau care au nevoie de socializare). Cainii sunt tinuti la persoane iubitoare de animale din Radauti, Suceava, Moldovita, Anglia, Germania, Norvegia.”

TRANSLATION: “Foster families from Radauti, Suceava, Moldovita, England,Germany and Norway are keeping temporarily in foster SICK DOGS, due to be adopted and  who need socialization.”

WOW!!!! This explains maybe why the Norwegians are revolted and concerned to adopt a dog from Romania, if the dogs continue to be smuggled in that country in FOSTER while these dogs are SICK!!!!

Considering that it’s more and more difficult for a Norwegian genuine adopter to have a dog from Romania, how these sick dogs end up in Norway in “foster”? Maybe via Denmark?????

Is there anything left for Kendra Pinder fans to say about the total mess that this woman is and does in Romania, obviously exclusively for her own financial advantages?!

Who will be the next to speak up for her and defend her lies and abuses?