Protest against this animal abuser

UPDATE, 15 March: Kendra Pinder denies that the Romanian dog killed in Finland happened because of her. But I saw no reaction regarding all the atrocious conditions in which she organized to transport 60-70 dogs few days ago, or no reaction regarding dogs dead , injured or lost in Germany. Maybe she thinks it’s normal. Of course she is using emotional texts to fool the remained naives who choose to continue to believe this garbage with human face!

Romania Animal Aid and Action for Romanian Animals, now reunited into Action Aid for Animals are represented legally by Chrissy Phillips and Kendra Pinder, partners of RAR and Nancy Janes.

The abuses against Romanian animals started in May 2011, when RAA and Chrissy Phillips were suppose to transport 10 ROLDA dogs to safe homes in UK.
5 from the 10 dogs were left in Holland and the above mentioned charity refuse to disclose the location, as previously agreed. 50 dogs were transported all together in a crowded van, according to Dutch Police but Chrissy Phillips made up “testimonials” to deny this abuse.

End of 2011, Kendra Pinder collected donations from compassionate animal lovers from UK, including WVS and other shelters. Because she is incapable to read a map, she ended up in Croatia on her route from UK to Romania. She “got lost” in Germany according to her own statements and then ended up in Croatia where all goods were confiscated by the Customs officials.
Supplies donated by generous people were lost, the “rescue mission” never happened, countless animals waiting to be transported from Romania and people relying on this “rescue action” were disappointed.

Sadly, this “charity’s actions didn’t stop and sadly, people continue to be fooled and tricked especially by Kendra Pinder.
What’s worst is that the last “saving mission” ended up terribly for animals as some dogs died or been lost in the woods. They were lucky enough to escape from Romanian streets Hell but unlucky enough to be handed to these sort of incapable beings.

One dog has been put to sleep in Finland, according to a UK animal lover because the transport organizers wrote incorrectly dates in this dog passport. Many dogs were left (again) in Germany and Holland because the passports were incorrectly completed and the strict officials from UK Customs office would stop all dogs at the border.
Another dog was lost in wood in Germany because inappropriately handled.
Another dog was sadly killed by a car when trying to “escape” from an overcrowded van.
This last dog was scared, was not wearing a collar and because organizers’ lack of care, dog was jumping off the van and was instantly killed in the middle of the road.

60-70 dogs were transport at beginning of March from Romania to destinations like Germany and UK.


60-70 dogs were again abused and kept in conditions worse then your imagination is able to produce.
The history repeated and sadly, it will continue unless we’ll stop this woman /and this charity to “help” in this way Romanian animals.
It’s not a bad luck, it’s not “organizational problem”…it’s the third messed-up transport from a total of maybe 5 transports organized by Kendra Pinder in less then a year.

The group of people supporting this creature, Kendra Pinder’ actions are all declared animal lovers having high standards and high demands in relation to animal protection, even for Romanian shelters.

These people supporting Kendra Pinder sign petitions, protest against abuses all over the World but it seems they are ready to betray their sincere “love” for animals when they close their eyes and tolerate the abuses committed by a charity who is suppose to help not torture these rescue dogs.
Putting Kendra Pinder actions above the proclaimed love for the dogs is at least hypocritical.

What it will happen if this woman will not be stopped? The next transport will give possibilities for more dogs abuses, the next one maybe it will be worse.
The irony is that overcrowded, insalubrious and unsafe transports like this one from March are organized because animal lovers give Kendra Pinder money for each saved dog. 200 GBP/dog…..
Imagine her income for 70 dogs transported at once, minus the ones dead because of her failures and mistakes.

Respected pet transport companies don’t compromise their image and good reputation and never transport more then 15 dogs/transport. The greed makes this woman put in danger everything, dogs being killed.
It is intolerable.
It should be stopped immediately.

Ask DEFRA to take action, investigate and stop this woman Kendra Pinder to hurt more Romanian animals in the long run. This is an alert, above the petty fights between organizations, or above people egos. Kendra Pinder proof to be unreliable, she failed more then once.

Contact DEFRA here:
If you just adopted a Romanian dog which was treated horrible during a few days crowded transport, write directly here:
Att. Tim Mordan
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Area 7D, Nobel House
17 Smith Square
London SW1P 3JR
You can also send your complaint here:
Millbank Tower
London SW1P 4QP