Truth and lies on ROLDA

This article was writen by Dana Costin, from ROLDA

Here I am trying to present and update the most frequent lies against ROLDA and provide proofs, in the limit of my possibilities:


Since May 2006, Nancy Janes from Romania Animal Rescue has an obsession to discreditate ROLDA. She claims to have a lot of proofs, and testimonials from people. All these proofs didn’t “helped” her when she apologias in August 2006 and promised she will never badmouth me and my charity, ever again.

I invited her in many occasion to put in writing everything she claims to have against ROLDA, or against me personally and meet in Court. She doesn’t want to as it’s free to slander people on the internet.

ROLDA worked with RAR from 2003 to May 2006. ROLDA became a registered charity in Romania in February 2006. The period between 1 March 2006 and middle May 2006 is the time when ROLDA (as a registered ONG) worked with RAR USA.

Our collaboration between 2003 and March 2006 was commonly agreed to go from a charity (RAR) to a private person helping the Romanian dogs.

Of course all the receipts are showing my name and not ROLDA’s as between 2003 – March 2006 we were not registered so we couldn’t provide receipts otherwise. She knew and agreed with all of these but now she try to influence people playing the innocent and deceived person.

The victim role she is playing since May 2006 is meant to generate sympathy and support from naives.

Nancy Janes pretends that some receipts shows my father name. I don’t have a house of my own, and years ago it was the same. My father was the owner of the apartment so bills like internet, phone, etc of course were made on his name.

All the bills, receipts sent to Nancy Janes were accepted by her and some of them even translated by a third party, all sums related to animals costs were added up and everything was fine, until we splited – and she could pick on that, so she can generate more untruth and insecurity related to ROLDA work.


My charity was registered in Romania on 24 February 2006. Its full name is Fundatia ROLDA –In Memoriam RC, and RC represents full name of my ex-boyfriend which died on 2005.

Our registration number is 18416340.

We are also registered in WA,USA. ROLDA USA provides grants to ROLDA Romania, we also obtain support for Valerica dogs food, sterilizations, helped in some occasions Fiducia shelter in Reghin.


For many years, ROLDA helped the City Hall pound where Cenac is employed.(Meaning that he gets a salary from the City Hall to look after the dogs that dog catchers collect from town.)

Because of the financial problems, back in 2007, I ceased helping Cenac and the street dogs from that pound but it wasn’t an easy decision to take, as I felt personally I give up on those dogs which I start love like being mine’s. And what Cenac did? Was it grateful for my previous support?! No, he quickly oriented to my ex- collaborator, Nancy Janes and RAR and probably was demanded to slander ROLDA all the way he can, therefore he even recorded a video to say defamatory accusations against myself.

I went to him, at that time with proof that he lied in the video where he plays the victim. Immediately, he became acting hysteric and invented I threaten him, when the only decent thing he could do is admitting he lied and backstab us, we being those who helped him for years!

Cenac will be brought to Justice , being asked also to what served the creation of this abusive video except for pleasing RAR and Nancy Janes to hurt ROLDA and the animals in our care!

Meanwhile his evil video was erased from websites like Youtube and Videobam, where Kendra Pinder uploaded and worked hard to promote it.