Facebook page against ROLDA

Nancy Janes( founder of RAR/Romania Animal Rescue) declared publically at ICAWC in October 2011 that first she and complotters associated to destroy ROLDA had the intention to create a Facebook page, but they were concerned that junk is easily removed on Facebook if reported. This is why they all decided to build a website which was first hosted on Moonfruit (a UK provider), reported and removed. Than two web domains were purchased at IPage.com (an US provider) where they also try to host the junk-pages, but again they’ve been removed. The next location resists because the domains were transferred on Robert Cole’ name, US citizen paid by Nancy Janes.

After finding the best solution for the scum website to be online, after having as second  alternative the blog which Kendra Pinder vivaciously updates with more garbages, the complotters decided to create a Facebook page afterall.


It starts like this:

“500 dogs live in a hellhole and have no future…..and would be better off on the streets, they would have more chance of survival and at least “some” hope!”

This “hellhole” is the place from where Chrissy Phillips from RAA/Romania Animal Aid took dogs to rehome in UK. This same place was “good enough” for Chrissy’s friend, Catherine Baroun and for Lelia Creanga, the RAR representative – to leave each in ROLDA’s care one and 4 puppies!!!  Currently all these pups are safe, still in ROLDA care as these mentioned “ladies” are more preoccupied to enrich the scum-website created against ROLDA than to look after what “they are saving” from Romania!

On the same Facebook’ page,they uploaded some photos of dogs just rescued from streets, dogs that need treatment.

One of the reason that ROLDA shelters exist in Romania - is to provide help for dogs that don’t look nice, dogs that need help. Dana let volunteers to take photos as she (and entire ROLDA team) has nothing to hide!

Definition of being a bastard: to create a community page on Facebook  where to play with people’ s feelings and emotions, pretending to be “really concerned” about “dogs living conditions at ROLDA shelter”, in particular about one dog…and after ROLDA uploaded the update-photo of that dog , with the sole purpose of  easing  your “concerns” and cheap drama- the “bastard” immediatly deleted the photo and banned ROLDA. After this, same “bastard” start asking questions to ROLDA -being sure that no answer will be provided, as ROLDA was blocked.


This is the white dog that the bastards made such a fuss about. After proofing this dog exists, and after they deleted this proof – they continued influenced people and instigate against ROLDA and Dana Costin.

Some persons back up ROLDA, they have been banned. One lady from USA said “shame on you, Nancy Janes!” …She  has been immediatly  banned.


It is my opinion that  RAA (Romania Animal Aid), people around this “charity” like Mandy Easter  and especially Kendra Pinder does nothing for Romanian dogs…except to slander active Romanian groups probably to eliminate what she thinks to be her competitors!

ROLDA is a slandering- priority because the main reason of the slandering campaign innitiated by Nancy Janes and continued by RAA and Co. was to harass ROLDA supporters, to stop donations coming in , sending viciated messages to specific targeted people – inviting them to better help a spay neuter program like RAR has (not ROLDA’s ) than helping the dogs from ROLDA shelters!

The complotters pretend that ROLDA dogs don’t have beds….well, recent photos shows a different reality.

People (especially from Europe, which is closer) should visit NOW ROLDA and see whom is lying, and than react against abusers! Turn the hate against RAR and RAA who can’t live one day without hurting ROLDA hard work!

Than this:

“They have no walks, no toys, no beds, no stimulation, no enrichment in their lives and no care or affection’. Very few are ever rehomed, the vast majority just sit and wait day after day, week after week with NO hope. They sit on a cold, damp, filthy floor, their spirit broken. Adaquate food is sometimes not provided, fights break out, dogs get their legs/head trapped in the broken metal partitions. They receive little or no veterinary care and many succumb to disease, injury, starvation, the cold and just die. Their place is then taken by another dog captured from the street and so the cycle starts again. This is no way for dogs to live! Dogs that have tasted freedom. Their lives were at risk on the streets but at least they had some hope, here they have nothing….”

At the large shelter, dogs can’t have toys as they might fight. They have wood beds and during winter time, straws.

The rehoming program is better every day, despite the efforts that RAA and RAR are making to alienate any support coming to ROLDA animals…

The dogfood is coming from Euronuca, Campina. Very good quality food.  Kendra Pinder  made some attempts  to stop  Euronuca providing ROLDA dogs with food!


ROLDA has a contract with a vet who comes and look after the dogs in need of treatment. It might not be the best organized place yet but it is a huge challenge and every team member is contributing to do things in the right direction.

ROLDA asked, in repeated occasions, for volunteers to come, cerebral people that understand there are a lot of differences between a country like UK and Romania.

All the progresses (requiring a lot of funding and a lot of work) were being done and still are made to prevent dogs getting hurt while in the kennel and until being adopted.

Instead of being encouraged, the continuous slander waste time, create sadness and discourage. Maybe this is what RAR and RAA want in the first place.

The photo with dog female needing grooming: Aura is her name, she came with Aurel, now rehomed in Holland.

The photo of the dog with ill skin /face:  this was the state condition of the dog when captured. Would people be so naives to think someone has any intention to leave that dog on the streets just to prevent his appearance in volunteers’ photos?!

The photo with kennel with snow : You can see in photo that snow is fresh. How dares someone  to claim the snow was 5 days long?! Were any of them there? Did they know to count to 5 ? My God, some of them got lost because they can’t read the marks while driving and ended up into a different country….

Questions from Dana Costin for Anja Stein, an active RAR garbage – spreader:

Why you are misinforming people that you wrote to the steel plant and they never responded? I know they did very recently responded you;-) Maybe it’s not what you hoped to hear from them after attempts made to ruin ROLDA collaboration with AMG, but why lying people?!

How you came up with the amount of 150000 EUR/year that ROLDA has? Apart from the donations coming from AMG for the large shelter our budget is not near close of that amount…or let’s put it this way: RAR has a larger budget to use every year than ROLDA, apart from the AMG funds. RAR use the money in return of an A4 signed letter, no accountability around the World is done only based on a A4 letter signed by the person who spent a charity money!

Questions from Dana Costin to Nancy Janes:

I didn’t ask for a story on the dog abused by your other dogs pack. I asked for a proof, as I don’t trust your words. Do you have any photo of this “adopted” dog that you screwed his life, his personality in his first 4 years of life?

Do you have photos for all 300+ dogs rehomed “safely” in Europe and USA? Where are these photos for the public? Where are the financial accountability of RAR placed publically, as every normal charity does?


About your alcoholism problems: If Joshua and Britany , your dogs and your two horses could “speak” from Heaven regarding how many times you left them starve, people will be surprise how you used to “care” for your pets!

How I would have known you were drinking and taking drugs, if you wouldn’t have told me? How to know that each time you and your husband decided to stop, he came with an expensive bottle of wine, to continue as he was afraid of changes in your both personal lives?! How one to know all these things?!

Of course you will deny but it is such a wasted life for you to be ashamed of your past so you can’t accept what you were!

All these questions were asked because on the Facebook page controlled by Mandy Easter and Co. upseting questions were immediatly deleted.



Other than the amusement it makes you wonder how desperate RAA and RAR are for money?! People, let’s donate to them a penny for the efforts they do to hurt Romanians rescue places, while they sit in the nice chair and make up stories!