Wheredidmydonationgo.com (part2)


I apologize to ROLDA supporters for the delay in providing a formal response to the statements involved in the recent masterpiece creation of RAR and RAA representatives, Nancy Janes and Kendra Pinder.


It is sadly amusing how these two charities representatives choose to denigrate a Romanian charity work which represent much more than only my name, which they have a dirty obscure pleasure to keep mention it.


Why amusing? Because from the way I see it, RAA build itself a name (other name than a “tabloid” gossip organization) by rehoming ROLDA dogs for years while RAR was created to raise funds for ROLDA and since we end the collaboration , their main objective is to destroy what we are building here without their magic touch. ROLDA is much better without RAR but Nancy Janes is obsessed to lie people ,harass and destroy.


Should I also add that these foreign representatives have no active, personal involvement in rescue activities, in dealing with daily Romanian problems of all kind, in manage shelters?!

RAA and RAR are in the best scenario collecting funds to pass to different charities which they choose to support on different criteria. One of the criteria is the personal sympathy and not the real work that a certain charity does or doesn’t in Romania.


If they are back kissers, if they know to say kind words at the right time to the “Foreign Goddesses” of Romanian street dogs, fine – these charities are on the “white list” …Charities or individuals that RAR and RAA don’t like for some reasons are excluded from getting support and even badmouthed.

 I am referring to people who didn’t spoke badly on command about ROLDA (real situations when different people from Galati were demanded to slander ROLDA, because they rejected) and now their cry for help is ignored or ridiculized.


Why delaying my reply? To be honest, firstly because I lost so much energy debating old lies and fake stories that Nancy Janes from RAR keep bring in discussion from 5 years at least. I could save much more animals (that I will be than responsible of, not passing them to others like RAR and RAA are doing). I could be creative for ROLDA campaigns.

I believe deep in my heart that the reason why periodically these people are bringing up old stories in discussion is to destroy especially the new connections and new supporters that ROLDA has, to distract my attention from what I am in animals favor. Why? Because they can’t compete with that. They don’t have the infrastructure, logistic and why not saying, the intelligence to build & run shelters in Romania.


I also delay this reply because obviously the whole mess affected me and my health , I needed time to put together thoughts in a formal manner without going same low as these creatures are going. It is hard to keep a civilized language because ROLDA means everything to me, my life and one of the strong reason I weak up in the morning. Beside my mom and my boyfriend, I have nothing. The way I feel about ROLDA is different than the love for my parents, let’s say. ROLDA is what I created, what I made grow in harsh Romanian conditions where people who now attack me couldn’t survive a year.

Saving animals in Romania is not easy task. There are thousand and thousand. Phone is ringing, the vet deals with lots of cases that need payment, sterilizations need funds, animals must be evaluated before adoptions, every dog sent abroad is monitorized. Website must be updated, communication with possible families, supporters takes time. Especially all the correspondence in different language than Romanian, which is my native language.


I learn English from TV years ago. I learn it to communicate about Romanian dogs problems and improve it myself in time. I am criticized for not speaking a good English, this is because my efforts are made to be understood in English – not to be awarded for excellent English speaker.


Responding to the website recently created by Nancy Janes, Chrissy Phillips and Kendra Pinder against ROLDA takes hours which would have been dedicated to Romanian dogs, plus this is a subject that I am very sick of, these creatures are making me sick…and I feel somehow it is under my diginity to take serious all the garbage posted about me, my private life and personal correspondence.


This long message is for people using their own brain to take decisions, for all the others – this is not the right time to read it.


If you didn’t asked yourself yet why massive resources and energy were taken by RAR and RAA (in the time they could save the lives of animals they pretend to help) to hurt ROLDA, it might be a good time. Since I found out from a friend (who forwarded me private emails between Nancy Janes , Kendra Pinder, Chrissy Phillips and the gang) that a website is to be build against me and my charity, I wasted considerably amount of time (against the advices received from friends and even legal advices) to contact lawyers in UK and USA, believe me or not I think in less than 2 weeks I contacted “all” lawyers in UK and many in USA searching legal solution against these “ladies”.


I mainly still hope for a “pro bono” legal support which will conduct to the punishment of these woman for all the damage created to ROLDA in the past years. If I was patient enough to wait 5 years for the big shelter sponsor to come up, I will be also patient enough to find the right people to bring in Court these trash eaters.

Meanwhile they are reported in different locations. If and when results or steps in the right directions will be made, I will update.


Excuse me again that this message is long and probably not all of my thoughts were yet written, however it is important to let people know our side of the story and I make a public appeal to all those who read this to use their own head, jump their own conclusions.


For additional informations, I am here and will always be. I respect you decision to stop helping my charity if this is what you want, I respect your decision if you want to continue helping animals that are and were in the past 5 years so unfairly punished only because the charity that saved them was ROLDA and because I am Dana – the person which created an incurable obsession to Nancy Janes.






The conspiration between RAA(Kendra Pinder and Chrissy Phillips) and RAR, Nancy Janes to build a website to destroy ROLDA started over a month ago, and I have proofs emails they exchanged to decide which Romanian charities are on the black list, that for the moment they must focus only to ROLDA and leave the other charities they dislike for later, etc.

Initially the website was meant to be on Moonfruit, but was deleted when reported.

Starting 23 August (after the website named at that time: thetruthofrolda.moonfruit was deleted by Moonfruit admins) –Kendra Pinder and Nancy Janes bought two new domains names wheredidmydonationgo.org and .com on IPage. Meanwhile they start begging people to write “testimonial” against ROLDA. They begged Serbanoiu Mircea, with no result. Also few people from Facebook.

If you want to help me and ROLDA dogs, please report the website for violating my privacy rights (they use my photo, personal data, personal correspondence).Please use these details:

Legal Department
70 Blanchard Rd
3rd Floor
Burlington, MA 01803

Phone: (602) 716-5396 (M-F 7am – 3:30pm MST)
Fax: 781-998-8277
E-mail: abuse@ipage-inc.com


I will take every page at a time and respond politely to the mountain of shit thrown by RAR and RAA to ROLDA and to myself. Of course not because RAR and RAA wish to destroy us – but because they “care for the animals”. Not because RAR is evilly envious that ROLDA is the “other” 501-c-3 charity which represent Romania apart from RAR.




The large shelter is not a con. It is built on a private land, donated by a UK supporter (who got more fame than I would expect he wanted) and sponsored by the local steel plant. They sponsored the building and the monthly expenses. It is not here a good place to say how much it meant their support to me and ROLDA over the years.


As repeatedly explained, between December 2010 and March 2011 due to some payments delays (which were not the steel plant fault, but only some logistic changes of different departments) we were forced to ask people support for food and other urgent costs involved with the dogs sheltered.


The glorious mind of adulterator Kendra Pinder helped by her assistant-in-investigations Nancy Janes , created this statement:


“Whether she receives a salary or not is unclear as on a continual basis she swaps and changes her statements from being an “employee” to “volunteer”.


I never said, not even once that I am employee of Mittal steel plant. Nancy Janes was the one starting the rumor that I am the steel plant employee, that the big shelter is not mine, etc…My only statement found everywhere you can search is that I am a volunteer, having no salary and no financial benefits from the charitable activity.


The fact volunteers visited and were let to take photos of the dogs from the large shelter is because I have nothing to hide and I don’t want to. It is my pride to be able to build in Romania a shelter while most of other shelters are filthy or fall apart because lack of funds or stupid management. I am proud this place exist because of the steel plant support.

I always admitted that some additional building work must be done to assure dogs maximum comfort, but exactly as most of the volunteers have realized, the big shelter even the way it is right now is not a bad place.


For me it was the first time when I had the chance to build and administrate such a huge place. I was used with the small shelter, where proportionally the resources were less. And the amount of work, and the responsibilities- accordingly.


Thanks to the steel plant directors’ trust, I was able to learn to expand and think the problem/solution at a higher level. There were problems with staff who stole food, who drunk – they were fired and the staff that currently exist works hard, make efforts to keep animals clean and report if one is injured. Of course they are not trained like we are used to see in Romania on “Animal Planet” but small steps were made. I teach them how to leash a semi-wild dog, that fresh water is important for every dog, that the kennel floor must be cleaned before feeding dogs.

It might sound ridiculous, but the staff was used to handle farm animals in their own garden, they are all from villages and have no idea how to treat a dog (contrarily, probably since they were born, they saw abused street dogs in the village, around their house, chained dogs – they now start learning that de-worming pills must be provided, that disinfection in kennels is necessary, etc)


Another evil statement that must be commented:


“At this Rolda shelter (the one that doubles as her private pension/boarding kennels for pay) there is a maximum capacity for 60 dogs, for the most part and dogs that arrive at this Rolda shelter are usually taken from the large Arcelor Mittal funded shelter, having had all their veterinary treatment beforehand paid for by Mittal.”


There is no ROLDA pension and never was. I wanted back in 2006 (after ROLDA split RAR and due to her repeatedly harassment, we start loosing financial help) to use the small paddock (5 kennels from the total of 25 kennels) to welcome pets for limited time , and the income to be used to feed the other saved dogs.

Like then, Nancy Janes RAR and now the nameless Kendra Pinder and RAA – are not concerned in any fashion what happens if ROLDA doesn’t get funding to continue rescue the dogs….their interest is not the animals, but their own vendetta. They don’t like me personally – wow, if this is the case, than they do everything they can to destroy me, even if it means they destroy hundred animals.


Their latest lie was that I empty the entire shelter (well, both shelters) for renovation work. They promote testimonials of different people that my shelter is rusty and when I announce that I want to renovate, they promote lies on purpose that I made hundred dogs disappear.

Only to poison the heart of people who is keen to help ROLDA. When they can’t reach our standards, they make dirt. So low and cheap!


It is true that ROLDA website includes a wishlist. Every charity has and when donation in items is provided by generous supporters, than money can be redirected to more sterilization surgeries, for instance. I wouldn’t expect these immatures characters (and with a very limited intelligence, as their actions would describe them) to understand how a charity should be run.



PAGE TITLE: 100000$ + CON


The donation for land purchasing from Mr. A. (as it is known from the gang’ website) was sent by Mr. A. directly into the account of land owner. How to include the donation in ROLDA accountability?!


I am very grateful for the donation which enable us to purchase the land where now the big shelter is located. It is a common practice that properties in Romania to be evaluated less , which means less money paid in taxes for Government. When legalized documents in Romania, the buyer and seller declare a value for the land so less taxes to be paid.

Mr. A. was aware of the value of the land and also of the declared value.

Again , after 5 years – bring old stories in discussion seems like a trick especially when Mr. A. has the financial resources and all other capabilities to defend himself if something worries or upset him and probably, the last thing he would do would be to hire Nancy Janes as his spokesperson. To be a lawyer, Nancy Janes would have to go to primary school, first!


Speaking of that, among other lies circulating over the years from Nancy Janes about me: that I actually haven’t a Law University degree, that I actually start drinking (this is her own reflection in the mirror, probably), that I kidnapped an orphan….that I start putting weight on (this was also amusing!)



Dana Costin never stated that ROLDA didn’t had income for January and February 2006. It is a very simple and logic explanation for why ROLDA financial statements start with March. Due to the fact ROLDA registration certificate as a charity is dated February 2006 – the accountability for my charity started in March.


Now I don’t want to believe that these women running RAR and RAA (which ruins dogs lives more than helping them) are so stupid, very stupid…or so Machiavellians to manipulate in such a stupid manner the people reading their scum- website.


Or maybe they actually don’t know how to keep a good accountability, and this is why Nancy Janes and RAR vanished based on two A4 papers signed,  the 40000+ US$ in 2009 and RAA doesn’t provide to supporters any kind of accountability on their official website.


Actually both charities don’t have, like ROLDA has on the website – transparently – the previous years financial statements. It is a “secret” perhaps?!


Being asked, they pretend they don’t hear the question. It is perfectly situation for supporters not to know how much cost their luxury trips to Romania, how much they pocket, etc. Otherwise, what it would be the reason to hide the financial statements from your own supporters?!


ROLDA is verified monthly by the steel plant company regarding their contributions, we are also sending the financial statements annually as specified by law to the Ministry of Finance Romania (you can see it online on mfinante.ro) plus ROLDA USA respond directly to IRS.


Want to know the truth where disappeared the donation of over 40000 USD that Nancy Janes sent from USA to herself in Romania?! To report Nancy Janes and RAR to IRS regarding the possible fraud she did in 2009 please use these details:


Internal Revenue Service
Fresno, CA 93888 

Email: phishing@irs.gov


It never hurts if want to know the truth to ask them. Maybe you will get an official report about this.




I would start by saying that ROLDA and RAR had no written agreement since ROLDA became a registered charity. Since 2003-2006 I saved and sent to Nancy Janes all my  receipts and bills. Because at that time I didn’t had a bookkeeper, it was her duty to verify all these receipts. I only saved and sent them to her, as I knew she hired a translator – I specifically asked her to count only the strict dogs related items.


As you probably guess, there are bills from big stores like METRO, where I go and purchase items in bulk, including for my personal use (or often for volunteers use). This is why my agreement with Nancy Janes was that she/ the translator should add only the dogs related purchasing.

After we had this agreement, Nancy Janes said she made verification in her accountability and everything is fine, meaning that money sent = money spent ON DOGS things. The rest of the costs are not included and it shouldn’t be.


Of course now, years after – when I was enough naïve to trust her, she is using this against me, pretending I spent dogs money for personal items.


However I should add that I don’t have luxury items. I have “working clothes” , no “fashion designers” things – even if Nancy Janes is using donors money to go to Conferences where she attacks verbally ROLDA representatives pretending I have “houses all over Europe and luxury designers clothes”.


My business is a travel agency which is not going good because my mind and heart is for the animals. My daily life include visits at shelter, vet , taking photos of dogs, uploading them on the website, creating newsletter, texts to advertise ROLDA, stories of dogs/descriptions, fundraising campaigns. Supervising staff activity and renovation work. Having a direct contact with the steel plant sponsor.


I have no days off, however I go in vacations 1-2 times/ year for few days.

I don’t want to stay longer away from my dogs. I am happy the way I am, but telling you this just to know my reality, different from what you learn from others.


I don’t have a personal luxury living, one of the two rooms apartment that my parents have is transformed into ROLDA office, this is why bills for phone and internet were “presented” as “evidences” on the garbage-website.


I always included the internet/phone bill in ROLDA expenses, and the steel plant now has no problem with it….probably Nancy Janes realized 5 years later how terrible is this.


To my surprise, I wonder why she accepted all these receipts and after we split suddenly it became a problem. I wonder if she has the same attitude toward the amount of 40000 US$ unjustified in bills and receipts which she vanished in 2009, or just a trick to fool naives how bad suddenly ROLDA is?!





After being removed from Youtube, VideoBam and two other website, Kendra Pinder personally threat that after she will build the website “to expose” ROLDA, she will post there the video where I will not have access to report it. I hope Cenac – the man who hurt ROLDA on purpose only to please Nancy Janes ,probably for some dogfood or other favors- will have many happy years from now on to benefit the “pleasures” of bringing him in Court and also survive all these, to be punished for what he did in all these years – giving Nancy Janes a revenge tool so unfairly.


“Dana Costin, aka Rolda is responsible for killing newborn pups”

Rory Janes testimonial was funny to read, as I am expecting he is so tired and stressed by his wife to “write something” against me and ROLDA…as he had to eventually!

Nancy Janes wanted to look after the just born pups and feed them continuously until they die…she called me to say 2 pups died….and she successfully killed them all in one night.


Later, after ROLDA split RAR she “saved” a dog and took him home. That dog was raised in her pack and so wrongly teach, as he is constantly attacked and almost killed (according to Nancy Janes own statement) by the others dogs that she “rescue” from Romania. She appealed to local charities to take the dog because of course she is incapable to handle or raise an animal. One local US charity try to help her, but because the dog was so improperly raised – they gave up. This is how Nancy Janes helps the animals in Romania!

She knows nothing about dogs, especially street dogs. I never saw such an incompetent and hard-to-learn person in my life. During our collaboration she did many mistakes, she was envious on me for small childish aspects.




The best RAR could do was making up quickly two A4 letters signed by her staff collaborators in Romania, to “justify” the amount of over 40000 USD!

Livia Brenner is the vice-president of RARF, so how could she didn’t sign such a note that RAR gave her the money?! And Aurelian Stefan is the secretary of RARF – so again these two being in the board with Nancy Janes, how NOT TO send such papers on command?!

Should I mention that all three are the founders of RARF?!


The blabbering “proofs” which appear from nowhere happened only after ROLDA discovered that RARF has no financial statements for 2009 sent to Ministry of Finance, we also discovered that Nancy Janes is founder and president to both RARF Romania and RAR USA. We contacted her directly and asked her questions, she pretended that she resigned from RARF in august 2010.


However this being a quick lie, she didn’t realized that no matter if she resigned as President from RARF , she is still the founder – and being the founder takes responsibilities for a charity you create. Because I doubt she resigned as President, I asked at Ministry of Justice Romania a verification copy which proof that she is still the President of RARF.


Being caught again with lies, Nancy Janes make up quickly, helped by her collaborators two signed A4 papers…why not providing scanned receipts and bills, like in case of ROLDA, why not proofing publically that all 40000 USD+ were used for the benefit of animals?!


Why using different measuring tools when describing ROLDA, and different ones when it’s about herself?! People will think she is against ROLDA and our animals somehow, and we wouldn’t want that to happen!




Now her much-waited “proof of innocence” is a letter from a lawyer asking her to pay bills! Not a final Court decission, nothing like that!

 To refresh people memory, the ex- medium Kendra Pinder who vigurously launched to save Romanian animals now admitted she commited forgery in the Court in UK. Please read  here the article from The Sentinel newspaper, I didn’t invented it myself…it was in the UK media.

I don’t want to hurt people feelings but for those of you who wasted hours in your life to read the blog created by the ROLDA viciated mind- complotters, for those of you wasting other hour to read my comments regarding their evil allegations, think how many animals could be helped.


Of course there isn’t RAR or RAA interest for ROLDA to help animals in Romania because if we do help we are criticized, if we are not helping – we are blamed, plus I don’t like to prevent animals to be helped only because I debate nonsenses.


I would dare suggest you some questions to ease your mind or better to ask the obsessed creatures of ROLDA subject:


 ~  If Mr. A. (the famous now, land donor) wanted to take legal action against me, what would have stop him? If he didn’t and his money were invested into a land for animals shelter, why these women are so envious than and now, making such a big fuss?

~ Why Nancy Janes – after 5 years – comment on receipts she accepted than, but is happy with an A4 paper signed when it comes to current collaborators? Why not the same circus, receipts scanned, bills – proofs that she is clean and actually spent those 40000+ US$ on animals?


~ Why RAR and RAA don’t have financial statements on their official website?


~ If there would have been real proofs against ROLDA or against Dana – why not any kind of investigation was started against us, even if the same liars said I am investigated for fraud? I must specify I was never accused or investigated by anyone for anything in my whole life.


~ You saw few dogs photos from the large shelter, dogs with fresh wounds that were treated. We have approx.500 dogs in our care, between those few have scars and are going to be better. What’s worse, saving approx 1000 animals /year or having few dogs which need and got medical help? Why not presenting the enormous percentage of happy dogs too? Is it a hidden reason for NOT doing this?

 ~ Another question that RAR and RAA had no answer for:

Chrissy Phillips from RAA haven’t been to ROLDA since 2008.However she seems to “report” in her “new testimonial” bad conditions in our shelters that worries her big heart.

This didn’t stop her to intermediate, less than 6 months ago, some puppies’s rescue to ROLDA. And not an ordinary one!!!

Lelia Creanga, one of representative of Romania Animal Rescue in Romania, saved 4 puppies from the streets of Iasi, but because looking after puppies prove to be a difficult task…Lelia Creanga “cleverly” concluded it is easier to pass them to some charity to look after them properly….

Iasi city is 4 hours driving from Galati, still at RAR and RAA recommendations Lelia Creanga handed the pups to ROLDA drivers and never asked about them even since.

If these two charities (RAR-Nancy Janes, and RAA-Chrissy Phillips) are posing so much against ROLDA shelters conditions and are spending now money and energy to hurt our image, WHY not looking after the dogs they “rescue”?! WHY they choose ROLDA from all the Romanian charities to complete this rescue mission, if we are so bad, evil, etc?!

They pass conveniently the puppies to ROLDA and now have the nerve to criticize our work.

Pertinent answers from rational people are welcomed. Into a society driving nuts by hypocrisy and lies, help me find the right answer!

~ Time will pass, I will still be here fighting for my dogs, defending my dogs rights and sometimes defending myself -) What happens with this unnecessary and unfair damage created against my charity image and against my rights? ROLDA closest collaborators are harassed by woman like Nancy Janes, Kendra Pinder, Chrissy Phillips…or their promoters, probably paid from donors pockets to multiply the bad effects against us.


Fake profiles on Facebook are being made so to look like more people are against ROLDA. Everyone can choose whom to support and where. Why making a web full of lies and distorsions of the truth , only to hurt me, my dogs and my work (plus people behind it, as I am not alone in this charity).

My heart cries when seeing whom “acts on behalf” of Romanian animals, and how much harm these woman create for all the dogs and cats that wouldn’t need this circus, but support . A lot of support is needed into a society where authorities don’t care to solve the problem of strays, where community is uneducated and unwanted to contribute for its change, most of the time.


Most of people from Romania think that if one American and one/few English people come to “solve” the problem things will change, look at what mess they create like spoiled child only if I don’t disappear when they want to. Look how cruelly they don’t care how many lives they hurt with their lies.


One of the promoters, Kat Collins from Facebook declared that she has for sure more time than Dana to distribute garbages on internet. Of course, from their comfortable chair, these woman do nothing else. After a busy day, when I open the computer I see the trash their sick minds create and how this make my supporters wonder and suffer. This is terrible, it can be described in words.


I repeat , I am here for people who use their own brain to make up their mind. I can answer questions, I am happy to provide documents and proofs to the extent I am capable. I have a very limited time to debate or start internet gossip discussion.


My real concern is how we all will punish those who created a bad name to ROLDA lately. What it will happen with all these lies and accusations especially when RAR must provide explanations for much serious accusations which she should respond directly, firstly to US authorities.

Nancy Janes declared that 300 animals were adopted by RAR in foreign countries, however these are almost “dissapeared” animals -because no update or follow-up story is presented even to a fraction of this number.As a common practice, these “charities” simply put together into a crowded van from 10 to 50 + dogs and send them to uncertain destinations…only to look good the numbers on their website pages and to fool more donors. Being asked about the “adopted” animals, RAR said it’s not her responsibility.

 If this is not her responsibility, if providing proofs on how RAR /RARF money were spent is not her responsibility – than what is?



RAA organized a terrible transport and from the testimonial of the Dutch Policeman-  Chrissy Phillips, Kendra Pinder and Co., RAA charity put in danger the life of a very high number of dogs!!!!


A serious lie about ROLDA that shouldn’t remain unpunished is how Kendra Pinder invents and twist things just to hurt our name. ROLDA USA has the right to create/be the beneficiary of causes on Facebook. The total amount of money raised until now, 21 September is 11,327 USD. Only on the main cause, Save Romania Strays it was raised 7,878 USD as everyone could clearly see. Everyone but Kendra Pinder, who pledge herself guilty in the Court in UK for forgering documents!

Since early June, Kendra is busy announcing people on her garbage AFRA/RAA website (and now on the new website, plus everywhere on Facebook) that ROLDA fraudulently raised 6000 GBP in Let’s Adopt charity name, plus 6000 USD in RAA name…only if you add these two (forget about the currency change) it adds up more than 12000 USD….while we raised in total 11, 327 USD and clearly just a fraction on other causes than Save Romania Strays.


So why lying people with juicy stories, which could brake any fool heart…that ROLDA scammed this and that, while Viktor from Let’s Adopt can testify we raised no money in his charity name, while RAA cause was deleted immediately after our collaboration with them terminated…and nothing like 6000 GBP or USD was never raised for anybody else than ROLDA?


Maybe these people think that the evil doesn’t pay back in life, maybe they are so fool themselves to believe that everyone can be tricked with twisted words…and no work on behalf of the animals, because they do mostly nothing …except consuming time and people feelings to destroy what any others than themselves build into a poor country, which doesn’t need big claims, nice words – probably it needs more actions but not from incompetents, renegades (in their own countries) petty creatures.

 Now the biggest probably rhetoric question. What happens with all the damage created against ROLDA, if again- it prove to be an “artificial fire” created by people who can’t stand that we exist and do good work in Romania?

Or maybe this is what these woman wanted from the first place, nothing else than destroy so they can hike on ROLDA ruins and pose into “credible” and “good” charities?!