Romania Animal Rescue(RAR)

RAR is formed by Nancy Janes ,her sister June and her husband Rory. They have a secretary, Renee, the one who also write the articles for Examiner online website.


IRS 990 Form, page 4

Registered as a 501-c-3 charity, it was created initially to support ROLDA. These two groups were partners between 2003 and 2006 and had no interaction in animals favor of any kind since than.


The only “interactions” were the slander and the abusive comments that RAR made against ROLDA in the past year, exactly since they split back in May 2006.

There was also a legal action ROLDA took against RAR: a notification that RadcliffesLeBrasseur lawyer branch sent to Nancy Janes, who is associated and acts on behalf of RAR to stop the slander against ROLDA, or bring proofs.


Nancy Janes built RAR, a charity which grows in relation with people sympathy, in relation to what Janes tell to naives regarding “her experience” with ROLDA. Old stories dating from 2006 and no evidences brought during this time regarding to severe accusations that are continuing to damage ROLDA work in Romania and its image, internationally.

 RAR apologiase letter sent to ROLDA in August 2006

Nancy Janes signed the apologizing letter, where she is saying among other things:

“I just today (August 10) received your letter in regards to Ms. Dana Costin.  My husband and I were on a much needed holiday.


While I cannot apologize in whole for the email I sent in regards to Ms. Costin and her character, I will apologize for the assumption that all funds collected from April 1, 2006, onward were used for Ms. Costin’s own person, and not for the welfare of the animals.


You may be assured I will not speak about Ms. Costin in any fashion in the future, or be publicizing anything about her or ROLDA.(…) A defamation campaign was not instituted by us.(…) I hope this letter will serve as an apology of sorts for any misconceptions on my behalf.


Nancy Janes”

Sincerely” was a figure of speech because soon after the legal action was stopped, Nancy Janes continues badmouthing in some limited circles of animal lovers, “friends” and people who were curious asking her questions.