Wheredidmydonationgo.com(part 1)



The conspiration between RAA (Kendra Pinder and Chrissy Phillips) and RAR(Nancy Janes) to build a website to destroy ROLDA started in august month.

 These are  proofs-emails that RAR and RAA exchanged to decide which Romanian charities are on the black list, they also declared that they must focus only to ROLDA and leave the other charities they dislike for later, etc.


Initially the website was meant to be on Moonfruit, but was deleted when reported.



Starting 23 August (after the website named at that time: thetruthofrolda.moonfruit was deleted by Moonfruit admins) –Kendra Pinder and Nancy Janes bought two new domains wheredidmydonationgo.org and .com on IPage.com, US web

. Meanwhile they start begging people to write “testimonials” against ROLDA. They begged Serbanoiu Mircea, with no result. Also few people from Facebook.





When reading now the online website, from all the people writing about ROLDA only 2 volunteers visited us during this year: Anja Stein and Sarah England (who adopted Athos,the dog).

Chrissy Phillips who used our dogs to build a name for her charity wasn’t at ROLDA since 2008 and I had no connection with Nancy Janes since 2006!

 This was Chrissy/RAA testimonial after visiting ROLDA:


 She wrote this herself, not forced by anyway but obviously her current interests  made her thoughts and impressions change dramatically.

When being at ROLDA for few days with Janet Gilmore, one of her friends – Chrissy was lazy and didn’t bother to be actively involved in Dana’s daily activities, preferring to switch places with Janet as the hot weather caused her discomfort.



Catherine Baroun is a friend of Chrissy Phillips from RAA and she was rude with ROLDA staff during her free stay at the cottage. I still kept my correspondence where I try to be civilized despite the fact she came on purpose only to harass me, my staff and find negatives things related to our animal work.

Catherine Baroun attacked and pushed away Flori, ROLDA caretaker and people who met Flori know her and how delicate she is.

She explains in her report how things should be done differently but she conveniently forget to say that together with ROLDA, she  saved a puppy from the village which she left in ROLDA’s care, promising she will adopt him. Puppy name is Cabanos and few weeks later, ROLDA adopted him in Holland after Catherine didn’t kept the promise of giving him a decent home.

If ROLDA shelters are so bad, why handing them a puppy to look after?!


Anja Stein wrote this report after she stayed 5 weeks and was all the time involved in daily activities:


After meeting on Facebook with  Nancy Janes and the gang, who couldn’t stand the fact ROLDA received a favorable report, she changed her testimonial…it’s something like “I saw this and liked”…than somebody from the other side of the planet saying” no, you didn’t see things right;-) ….and Anja concluding “yes, no I didn’t saw right”.

These are the kind of people Nancy Janes bring together.Unbalanced people, with serious emotional problems easy to manipulate.


Anja Stein is a former secretary who had 11 years relation with a married man, her boss. Because this person was tired of her after a while, she became an alcoholic. This dark period of her life last 15 years! I wouldn’t brought this detail in public attention but I am sick how Anja Stein now play the moral coordinator discussing others private life!

She said she wanted to help ROLDA, help the animals and she said she wants to be Dana’ friend. Being invited to Dana’s mom apartment to check her emails and I was stunned few weeks later, when Anja was back home in Germany- she accused Dana for breaking into her computer?!?!?! When she was asked to explain her accusation, she said she is sorry but wasn’t paying enough attention to a text which she didn’t understood…and for this reason she thought Dana broke in her computer….

Anja Stein now promotes RAR because probably found in Nancy Janes a partner in Bachus’ discussions.




A. is a British supporter who donated to ROLDA periodically and also sent the funds for the purchasing of the land where the big shelter is now. As the contracts states, the land was purchased back in 2006 on benefit of the Romanian animals.

My private life is not a subject of public discussion even if evil, stupid and sick alcoholic minds make efforts in this direction.


Surprisingly – and I address again to people using their own intelligence- how a “wealthy business man” needs 5 years after this land purchasing someone like Nancy Janes to “defend” him…He is not the kind of person to make circus and mess in other lives, but Nancy Janes is!!!! Especially when she has an “unsolved” obsession.


How low a person like Nancy Janes can be, to use someone past because she fails making her own charity grow and becomes green of envy seeing others growing faster?!


If Mr. A. would have wanted in all these years to say anything to Dana or ROLDA would have said directly, not via Nancy Janes….so this is at least weird if not another revenge tool.


ROLDA is grateful to Mr. A. for helping purchase the land .


Nancy Janes story regarding this matter changed from “Mr. A. didn’t want to sue Dana because his new girlfriend didn’t want that”….to “Mr.A. Romanian lawyer couldn’t sue Dana”.



Copies and originals of the receipts from RAR money were sent directly to Nancy Janes.

Because I knew she hired a translator, which I met in Galati and hand the documents periodically, I trusted Nancy Janes that she will not fake these documents in any fashion even after many years.


The weird thing is that she had no complaints between 2003-2006 during the time ROLDA and RAR worked together, but suddenly after we split she felt the need of making a big fuss and invent stories.Plus one time Nancy Janes complaint 8000 US$ were stolen, than 6000 US$…than 24000US$.

This happens when alcohol, strong drugs, prescribed pills against “daily depression” as Nancy Janes said herself are combined  in this woman leftovers brain to hurt people and animals in a poor country!





It is normal that the charity financial report for 2006 NOT to have included months January and February as we got the registration certificate in February and the accountability was started in March. It’s funny when being blinded by hate, this gang of loosers can’t see the facts!

After reading all the posts coming out directly from viciated brains, people ask themselves why Dana Costin is not in prison, why she is not at least investigated….if they publicly ask the web creators, Nancy Janes and Kendra Pinder – the response from these magnificant persons is stunning: “it’s not that important, but important is not to give ROLDA any donations

 If you didn’t noticed already all people working or having a connection in a positive way to ROLDA are “in love with Dana”, or “corrupt”, or blind and stupid…they invented a story even about and against the steel plant who sponsored with a huge investment the dogs welfare…hey, wouldn’t be this reason why they are so pissed of ROLDA existence?! Maybe this charity  prosperous way and  rebuilding  old kennels to give ROLDA  shelters a new healthy look are tormenting their sick minds!

While promoting testimonials from people saying that the rusty kennels need renovation, when ROLDA start the rebuilding work , they are accused they are raising funds….how to be able to do a quality work without money?!

Coming from RAA and RAR, charities who only dream to build shelters, ask donors for money but never built anything in their lives – it’s a hard for them to understand what a shelter needs rebuilding. RAR or RAA shelter don’t need renovation work as it doesn’t exist… unless maybe they decide to renovate a project?!


If you think it’s easy task doing animal rescue in Romania, think again. The lack of funds, ignorance combined with daily overwhelming problems and cases are just few of the challenges.

Dana Costin is running a small shelter since 2003 – built in those days circumstances with no help from authorities. The officials are not the only enemies. Being a good looking clean shelters – envy and critics didn’t delay appear. After the big shelter was built and the strong collaboration with the steel plant brough ROLDA financial stability, of course some other charities became more envious and start recruiting people, paying them to slander and destroy what was built with hard work, sacrifices and mountains of energy.


Dana Costin is 24h/day 7 days/week at duty, meeting the steel plant demands and rescue some of the most skinny dogs from outside the town, where the industrial sites are placed.

Rarely she takes some days off but still connected with the shelters activities.

ROLDA helps community with free sterilizations when funds permit and also send donations to private people like Valerica and shelters like Fiducia.


ROLDA respond directly to donors regarding how funds are spent, it also show monthly accountability to the steel plant department, the financial annual statement can be found on Ministry of Finance Romania and ROLDA USA respond directly to IRS in USA.


I would personally advice small groups and individuals from Romania to work with foreign charities only based on a signed agreement, if possible legalized. Do not make the same mistake that ROLDA did to trust mentally insalubrious persons like Nancy Janes who are chasing glory at her elderly.


ROLDA had no written agreement with RAR and RAA. Dana Costin’s big mistake was trusting people like Nancy Janes and Chrissy Phillips to the extent of considering them friends. “I am sad I didn’t learn my lesson with Janes/RAR and repeat the same mistake with Chrissy/RAA” said Dana.