1. RAR wrote in the apologias letter also:

As far as Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. using the email list of ROLDA, Ms. Costin gave Nancy Janes this list in April in order to contact her donors.  In fact, as part of our partnership, we shared email lists, and ROLDA had total access to the Romania Animal Rescue’s email list.”

ROLDA accuses RAR for sharing the ROLDA list of names/emails to different Romanian groups as revenge. Indeed, in a certain period of time, ROLDA gave in good faith to RAR the access to this list, but never gave permission to trade/simply offer donors name to different other groups.

This proves RAR immorality and revengeful attitude, which continued over the years. Several supporters’ complaint about the fact they start receiving emails from other Romanian charities, and that their dates should have been kept confidential.

It was a very unpleasant moment, to explain supporters why their confidential information was exposed.

2. Having the permission to access ROLDA website, RAR demanded the webmaster to delete ROLDA website content. Which it happened back in 2006.

3. RAR constantly aggress verbally and not only ROLDA supporters in the past 5 years, some getting really sick of this continuous harassment.

It happened according to Janes own statement that some of ROLDA supporters, exasperated, said that “if they ever met me (Nancy Janes) they would throw up in my face”.

ROLDA was represented among others, at Best Friends “No More Homeless Pets” Conference in 2010 and AR Conference 2011. In both occasions, the only ones in which she personally met a ROLDA representative – Nancy Janes attacked with lies and garbages. In 2011, ROLDA had to report at organizers of the AR conference the abusive attitude of Janes against ROLDA representatives.

4. Nancy Janes used Cenac (a man working for city hall local pound) to record a movie, where he tells a lot of lies against ROLDA. This movie was made in 2006 and placed on Youtube, 5 years later, like it was “new” to discreditate ROLDA even more.

It is a matter of time  to be solved in justice, but it is presented here for reader to understand how far this went.

5. RAR proves lack of transparency for not adding the financial statements anywhere on the charity official website.

6. RAR is affiliated with RARF in Romania. Actually RARF was formed by Nancy Janes(sic!), Dr. Aurelian Stefan and Livia Brener. Being asked why the financial statements of RARF are not visible publically on Ministry of Finance in Romania,, Janes said that she doesn’t have anything to do with RARF.

When proofs were presented, she said she resigned, even if in the official on-line documents she is still present, dating 12 July 2011. Plus, on the Form 990 which RAR filled in, it shows a big amount of money transferred to RARF, which should be justified by the Romanian registered charity, especially when the board of directors consisting in Dr.Aurelian and Nancy Janes are still very active for RAR, from USA.

Practically, the transfer of approx 40000 USD from RAR to RARF vanished officially, because it is not anywhere in the Romanian public documents.


7. Moreover, on RARF website Romanians are encouraged to “mate their pets”, even if RAR policy is to prevent the born of puppies to be abused and neglected.

This is the link to where it is mentioned directly on RARF website about the mating of pets:

And you can easily translate with google translator or similar program.

8. Even if Nancy Janes claims on Facebook, plus on official RAR website that her charity was audited and came out “with a fabulous accounting record , less than 1% in overhead costs” on the same Form 990/2009 she wrote herself that , from a total of roughly 100000 USD, 9000 USD were spent on promotional materials, and only 73000 USD were spent on spay/neuter, vet care and adoptions. This hardly can be estimated as 1% for “overhead costs”

On Guidestar, it is very clearly stated that RAR wasn’t audited ever!



9. If this wouldn’t be enough, Nancy Janes lied publically on Facebook that the vice-president of HSUS would have said nasty comments against ROLDA. Confronted, he denied and Janes was in a ridiculous position, again.

10. The puppy rescued from Romania and “raised” by Janes was about to be killed by the other animals that Nancy Janes has at her home in California. In one desperate email posted on her Facebook cause, named Romania Animal Rescue she begged the other local charities like TonyLaRussa to take the saved puppy, a growing tormented adult boy now, away from the living Hell.

11. During AR Conference organized in July 2011, Nancy Janes attacked verbally Shannon, ROLDA representative and during her glorious speech, she rodomontade telling Shannon how she prevented ROLDA to appear on Global Giving website (online fundraising, where RAR is listed) and that she convinced Best Friends not to let any representative of ROLDA attend their conferences.

This is why RAR attend conferences and the main goal of public appearances, as well as internet defamatory comments: to slander the Romanian charity named ROLDA that chose to have nothing to do with RAR any longer, back in 2006 and since when they mind their own work and don’t harass anyone.

12. RAR and Nancy Janes lies that Dana Costin, the President of ROLDA has more property and houses/apartments all over Europe. Dana Costin doesn’t have ANY property, except the land where the shelters for dogs are built! Dana Costin have no cars, the two vans for dogs and supplies/people transport belong to the charity!