One of the most serious accusations RAR spread out, (but of course apologized for in August 2006) was the fact Dana didn’t sent them the receipts justifying the amount spent between 01 April and mid May 2006.

Actually the truth is that according to the transparency both parties agreed on Dana sent the receipts which were returned to Romania by Nancy Janes, by regular mailing. She sent again the receipts to ROLDA USA trustee to verify the accuracy of the documents and take the measures agreed on this matter.


Another serious accusation was blaming ROLDA and Dana for the fiasco of the campaign organized in May 2006 by RAR, which it was indeed a fiasco because it was organized in the same time a sterilization campaign, a documentary filming, and a celebrity brought to take part of all these.

The celebrity was totally ignored by RAR and Nancy Janes, and it was Dana “job” to look after this celebrity person, who said she was never treated so bad before. She basically was brought to Galati than let into a hotel room because Nancy Janes didn’t like her.

The ROLDA van broke twice during the documentary filming “show”, and each time the repairing took several days. ROLDA was supposed to carry dogs with that van, it was an unpredictable event but Nancy Janes was too concerned by her own fame and glory, to care about that.

She started hiring other people, react abusively and offensively toward the Romanian “collaborators”. It was ROLDA decision to stop working with RAR, and apparently it was a common decision.

Another accusation of RAR against Dana is that the number of sterilizations doesn’t match in Dr. Ileana’ records.

For this tendencious remark, there are several aspects to debate:

  1. Even if RAR claims that the Romanian vet records show a different number than what RAR was informed by Dana about, RAR posted on their official website this number they are contesting.
  2. Dr.Ileana was responsible to show an accurate number of sterilizations, and the fact she didn’t kept the records correctly, is not Dana mistake
  3. ROLDA didn’t collaborate solely with Dr. Ileana. Dr. Georgescu did several sterilizations for them, as well as other vet – which ROLDA kept confidential until later in 2006.

The reason why ROLDA worked with a “mysterious vet” is the revengeful attitude of Dr. Ileana  family.

She and Viorel Gh. became influential in Galati, and we all know the level of corruption in Romania, or at least we heard about it.

Viorel Gh. became in 2006 the Director of DSV, an institution with a lot of power regarding animals working field, also a powerful political person.

He caused a lot of damage to ROLDA, a lot of stress and tried to fine us two times. We win in the Court both times.

His wife, Dr.Ileana slander us during RAR trip in May, so she can benefit of all the advantages that this collaboration meant, without having ROLDA as witnesses.

Back in 2011:Dr.Ileana and his husband are presently accussed regarding the vet clinic where all surgeries of RAR were done in Galati, Viorel Gh. is in prison for 29 days to be presented to Court for abuses and corruption.

Read full article (in Romanian newspaper Viata Libera).

Why these facts are presented? So reader can understand why ROLDA kept secret the identity of the third vet. When ROLDA announced they are collaborating with Dr. Gingarasu, numerous phone calls, fines and threats were made against him to stop collaboration with this charity.