La Piovra (The Octopus)

“La Piovra” or The Octopus is a stylish name when referring to Mafia.

Welcome to Romanian Dogs Mafia … understanding the winding routes of money is part of this “business” …Did you ever wonder how comes that UN-employed, ordinary, “broken ego” foreign citizens suddenly waking up, one morning, realize that their purpose in life is to save Romanian animals…when they waste a lifetime to save their animals, in the origin country?

But, hey – they found THEIR REAL purpose in life – rescuing Romanian animals only ;-)

And this rescuing should be done with drama, queen-style, glamorous, with ostentation and in case somebody ask a question which might¬† shake the imminent glory …that someone will be executed with obscene messages, will be slander and added on “Top Enemies List” (also known as Black List) Thanks God that Facebook is tolerant with bullying people! ;-)

The “Foreign-Queens-Animal-Rescuers-in-Romania” need to build their ” play ground” now. They search for the most obedient, ass-kissers native Romanian animal rescues (and the offer is generous!) who would sell their mother for a dollar and … together they focus next 1. how to make as much money as possible 2. how to money laundry in the best possible way. Let’s not forget that Romanian native-animal rescuers also need left overs from “rich tables”. And they get the scraps after even leftovers end …because the “foreign queens” are greedy. And Romanians are always asked to give something in return:¬† they are the ones who do the hard rescue working, they need to be extra-loyal, to bite and bark like guardian dogs do, at the “queens” command.

Now the queen must find a way to money-laundry!

Let’s take Sara Turetta example from Save the Dogs. Her organization has income of 900,000 EUR/annually and half of this amount (yes, you read it right!) goes to “salaries” ….have you ever considered that when you donated to save the dogs?

Do you need another example?

Nancy Janes from Romania Animal Rescue created multiple affiliates in Romania so the money transferred couldn’t be traced.

1. RARF was created in 2008.

Current status on Ministry of Justice is “in dissolution“…Status 2 years ago was the same.

Money transferred from USA to Romania that vanished in RARF account: 40,000 US$ !!!!

2. Family Vet – this is the Nancy Janes’ vet collaborator registered company.

During 2014, only – the money declared by Nancy Janes to be transfered to this vet and the money declared by the vet to Romanian authorities do not match….I mean, do not match…because approx. 248,000 US$ are LEGALLY missing!

Have you ever counted 248,000 US$? Do you imagine how 248,000 US$ look like together? Family Vet doctor, Aurelian Stefan knows the answer!

Family Vet Bucharest has the following income declared in 2014:

But SURPRISE, Family Vet Craiova has NO FINANCIAL info declared! Why?

3. WAVE Association (World Animal Veterinary Emissaries) unique identification code (CUI) 28342119

WAVE declared income on 2014: 323, 657 RON (96,615 US$) and expenses for 2014: 228, 181 RON . Profit for WAVE in 2014: 95,476 RON

The scheme is to know how to make money in Romania…or how to make money from Romanian animals tragedy….and these “experts” seem to manage just fine!

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