Alex Ionescu sent Tilda to death

There is no excuse when a rescuer choose the wrong family where to place a rescued soul.

It can be wrong judgement, lack of good intentions, maybe signs of stupidity.

But again, there are no real excuses to send a rescue being to death!

Alex Ionescu chose the worst, not for herself, unfortunately but conveniently for a rescued dog instead!

Tilda was a Romanian dog that thanks to Alex Ionescu, was put to sleep in Sweden by a vet under her new owner’s eyes.

On Alex Ionescu blog:

you can read lamentations about Tilda’s case. One thing is for sure: as a result of incompetent and immature ALEX IONESCU, a dog who could live happy after being finally off the streets, is now DEAD!

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One Response to “Alex Ionescu sent Tilda to death”

  1. Linda Lippincott says:

    I don’t understand how anyone can be so stupid and uncaring about animals. Why is this person even involved? No one should be in a position to help animals if they don’t care about or even hate them. The animals can not speak up and say hey this person is not for me. Don’t let them adopt me. That is what we have humans for to make the right choices for the animals. Shame on Alex Ionescu for ending this dogs live. He finally was off the streets and suppose to be safe. How sad is this.

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