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Nancy Janes and the wrong treatment

Friday, December 25th, 2015

She is a lost case. From medical point of view.

But she continues to surprise us all with her insanity or evilness or a combination of both.

In one of her latest posts, she is blaming her obsession, Dana Costin from ROLDA for a hacked account.

Some idiots believe her. Tip for Nancy Janes: if you wish problems to be solved and to really search for justice, report to Police, complain to Justice. If you wish to make a fuss on internet, to pose in a victim and an army of brain washed idiots to believe your lies, continue to complain on Facebook!

It’s simple!

Can you believe some people still give this insane woman donations and credit her actions?

Did all hospices closed in California?

And this is the masterpiece wrote by Nancy Janes herself:


Hunting season

Friday, December 25th, 2015

Alex Ionescu temporarily suspended her hunting season.

A quick recall about who is Alex Ionescu here and of course, about Alex Ionescu integrity here

Alex Ionescu is intensively promoted by Nancy Janes from Romania Animal Rescue and ASNI

Being too busy, even on Christmas Eve with her animals, as she carefully doesn’t forget to remind her followers – she managed to ponderate the “free” spare moments to chase for a man that will help her business in Holland.

It is so funny to see how some women pose in “independent business women” but in reality, the top personal target on their agenda is hunting for men to ensure them a social status and especially a good economic income, so they will continue pretending to be an Innocent fairy who wishes to save the World (on others work and spending boyfriend/husband’ s money)

I have a message for them: If you are as good as you pretend, start from zero, don’t get into someone’s bed for money, don’t aspire to someone’s else fortune to accomplish your dreams…there are names for such people, usually, briefly, they are identified as whores or prostitutes! I know choosing the hardest way it’s a sign of integrity. If you don’t know what it is, look in dictionary.

Don’t shut me down for saying my opinion, it’s freedom of speech.

Alex Ionescu – ask your family what “integrity” means!

alexionescu_famphoto: Alex Ionescu with her family.

alex_relation_pscrnphoto: Alex Ionescu profile on Facebook.

She is celebrating 4000….who knows what?

Maybe 4000 miles the pigeon fly.

If you click on the profile’ photo, look at your left and you will see that she is in a relation with a man from Holland named Nico Wan de Wetering, the country where she hopes to expand her activity. Taking the short way makes your life easier, always.

And let’s not forget how Alex Ionescu got her cake for slandering others

Do you recall Arjan?

Friday, December 25th, 2015

He is one of Nancy Janes ‘friends. He is a promoter of Alex Ionescu from Ploiesti and promoter of Romania Animal Rescue…His name is Arjan Hans Melger and he is another idiot who skin animals to eat them.

But he pretends on Facebook that he defends animals, that he fights for animals cause.


This is the proof – how Arjan helps the animals.

arjan2Poor little animal had no chance.

What bothers me it’s the hypocrisy – it’s always bad to pretend what you are not.

arjan3I wonder – did Arjan eat his own cat?

Not long ago, Arjan had fake identities and fake social network’ profiles. If he is ashamed about who really is, why pretending to be someone else and why not changing his attitude? First tip: Stop killing animals that you pretend you care for.

This is Arjan real identity (click on photo for full size):


If you visit Romania, you can find him in village Laslau Mare, in Mures county where he started a new life with Iza.Aren’t you curious to meet the lovely couple?To meet Iza, wife of Arjan?

arjan_izaPre-dinner photo. Cat still alive. Wife dressed for party. Arjan not.

arjan_iza1Photo from the vacation at the sea. Behind – the sea. In front – the camera. In wind – the hair of the couple. On the nose: Arjan glasses. Fabulous view!

arjan_iza2New Year 2015. Love is in the air. Dog is on the table. Not yet cooked.

I heard a kind of joke – “Do you know why there are no more animals in Mures county?

-No. Why? Nancy Janes sterilized them all?

-Of course not…Arjan was so hungry!”

But I can’t be happy hearing such a joke!