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La Piovra (The Octopus)

Saturday, August 8th, 2015

“La Piovra” or The Octopus is a stylish name when referring to Mafia.

Welcome to Romanian Dogs Mafia … understanding the winding routes of money is part of this “business” …Did you ever wonder how comes that UN-employed, ordinary, “broken ego” foreign citizens suddenly waking up, one morning, realize that their purpose in life is to save Romanian animals…when they waste a lifetime to save their animals, in the origin country?

But, hey – they found THEIR REAL purpose in life – rescuing Romanian animals only ;-)

And this rescuing should be done with drama, queen-style, glamorous, with ostentation and in case somebody ask a question which might  shake the imminent glory …that someone will be executed with obscene messages, will be slander and added on “Top Enemies List” (also known as Black List) Thanks God that Facebook is tolerant with bullying people! ;-)

The “Foreign-Queens-Animal-Rescuers-in-Romania” need to build their ” play ground” now. They search for the most obedient, ass-kissers native Romanian animal rescues (and the offer is generous!) who would sell their mother for a dollar and … together they focus next 1. how to make as much money as possible 2. how to money laundry in the best possible way. Let’s not forget that Romanian native-animal rescuers also need left overs from “rich tables”. And they get the scraps after even leftovers end …because the “foreign queens” are greedy. And Romanians are always asked to give something in return:  they are the ones who do the hard rescue working, they need to be extra-loyal, to bite and bark like guardian dogs do, at the “queens” command.

Now the queen must find a way to money-laundry!

Let’s take Sara Turetta example from Save the Dogs. Her organization has income of 900,000 EUR/annually and half of this amount (yes, you read it right!) goes to “salaries” ….have you ever considered that when you donated to save the dogs?

Do you need another example?

Nancy Janes from Romania Animal Rescue created multiple affiliates in Romania so the money transferred couldn’t be traced.

1. RARF was created in 2008.

Current status on Ministry of Justice is “in dissolution“…Status 2 years ago was the same.

Money transferred from USA to Romania that vanished in RARF account: 40,000 US$ !!!!

2. Family Vet – this is the Nancy Janes’ vet collaborator registered company.

During 2014, only – the money declared by Nancy Janes to be transfered to this vet and the money declared by the vet to Romanian authorities do not match….I mean, do not match…because approx. 248,000 US$ are LEGALLY missing!

Have you ever counted 248,000 US$? Do you imagine how 248,000 US$ look like together? Family Vet doctor, Aurelian Stefan knows the answer!

Family Vet Bucharest has the following income declared in 2014:

But SURPRISE, Family Vet Craiova has NO FINANCIAL info declared! Why?

3. WAVE Association (World Animal Veterinary Emissaries) unique identification code (CUI) 28342119

WAVE declared income on 2014: 323, 657 RON (96,615 US$) and expenses for 2014: 228, 181 RON . Profit for WAVE in 2014: 95,476 RON

The scheme is to know how to make money in Romania…or how to make money from Romanian animals tragedy….and these “experts” seem to manage just fine!

Lies and misfunding

Friday, August 7th, 2015

These are all evidences, pieces collected from materials posted by Romania Animal Rescue and its founder Nancy Janes but also, more worrying, these are also pieces of documents from official IRS reports.

printscreen_RAR_2014 steril(click on picture to enlarge)

2014 DATA

Animals sterilized in Romania in 2014 : 9,000


Cost/ sterilization: 25 US$

Total: 25 US$ x 9,000 = 225,000 US$

IRS report for 2014 is not yet available…but these are the money transferred in Romania to Dr.A. according to RAR annual report from Guidestar platform: 376,923 US$

376,923 – 225,000 = ???? Bonus for Dr. A.

Do you realize people, what you are funding with your kindness?

151,923 US$ bonus to RAR vet! No animal sterilized for this amount, no justification whatsoever…but this astonishing exposure doesn’t stop here!

On Ministry of Finances website, you can search Family Vet Bucharest, the clinic of Dr. Aurelian Stefan (Dr. A.) which has the unique identification code (CUI) 22071150 and which reported total incomes in 2014 of 431,465 RON (approx. 128,795 US$) …But, hey…. they cashed in, from USA only, 376,923 US$ according to Nancy Janes herself….Not to mention that Family Vet Bucharest have their own clients (people who come with their own pets and pay for medical consultation).

Family Vet Craiova has no income declared.

And there is another entity formed by Dr. A. which we can assume that they also received money from Nancy Janes in 2014 – it is called WAVE(World Animal Veterinary Emissaries) unique identification code (CUI) 28342119

WAVE declared income on 2014: 323, 657 RON (96,615 US$) and expenses for 2014: 228, 181 RON . Profit for WAVE in 2014:95,476 RON

So, let’s recap:

Dr. Aurelian Stefan received from Nancy Janes in 2014: 376,923 US$

He declared 128,795 US$ and even if we add his income from WAVE account, which is 96,615 US$ ….he still has a trouble to justify, roughly …. 151,513 US$

Fraud, fraud and again, fraud! Money laundry and misusing of funds!

Do you tolerate that? Why?!


To cover the trash that she made herself, Nancy Janes invented a new trick. If in 2012, she completed on IRS F990 that money were transferred to “Romania” in 2013, to create confusion and hide her intentions, she simply wrote on the official forms F990 that she transferred money to…. “Europe”…which is an insult to all of us, an insult to US authorities …especially when anti-terrorism laws demand very strict specifications about money transfers worldwide.


(click on picture to enlarge)


2013 DATA

Now let’s look back in 2013 and add up some numbers from the IRS files provided by Nancy Janes herself to US Government : 156,961 US$ have been transferred  “for spay/neuter and other operations”  to Dr.A. for Romanian projects,  according to F990 -2013. (as you can see in the print screen above)

The annual report produced by the same person who completed the F990 (Nancy Janes)  shows that 123,916 US$  have been specifically sent to Dr. A.

Difference: 33,045 US$ …Where are these money, Nancy Janes?

Where did go the donations made by people to your charity?

325,482 RON( 99,841 US$ ; rate 3.26 US$/RON) is the amount declared by Dr. A. to Romanian officials in 2013 as income for Family Vet Bucharest.

Every year, thousands and thousands money vanish between USA and Romania, more being sent by Nancy Janes and less being received by Dr. A. …this is not only ridiculous…or disgusting…these are YOUR donation misplaced!

Note: The US/RON  rate for 2014 was calculated to approx. 3.34  We don’t take the bookkeeping role to trace every penny …just to show public the serious problems discovered.  It’s not about a penny missing it’s about 5 zero’s amount missing!!!!

This respond to many questions: This respond to why Romania Animal Rescue is desperate to destroy competition, this also explain how Dr. A. is defending his American sponsors, this explain how the gang works and why they defend each other…it’s simple! They defend the treasure they sit on like a pack of wild dogs that share their “dinner” ….

But be aware of the monster you create! Because THEIR “dinner” are the gifts that YOU make, not for Dr. A. but for these dogs….

Nancy Janes sabotage ROLDA Sterilization Campaign

Friday, August 7th, 2015

Together with its affiliates, ROLDA planned a sterilization campaign for poor pets who belong to people from nearby villages.

But, it’s hard to make plans, with  enemies who hunt worse than predators,  to kill (in this case, “only” to destroy) for fun, for their inhumane pleasure and to satisfy their big ego. And they still find naive people to believe them that they are “animal lovers”…what animal lover would do that?I am asking you: Who would do that and Why?

What did the poor people from those villages done wrong to deserve all these? They put their hopes in this project because they can’t afford to fix their pets nor to microchip them. What did those pets done wrong, who suffer and who will continue to make puppies who will suffer at their turn?


Look what ROLDA received as explanation as why the mass-sterilization program can’t take place as planned:

(quote from a longer message sent from a Swiss organization’ staff named Esther)

I am terribly sorry that it seems now a bigger thing than I thought …. it is not so easy. I do not know what happened in the past and I do not know why people like Aurelian Stefan, Sara Turetta, Nancy Janes and others are so angry.

(you see, the bastards who sabotage the campaign are mentioned in full name!)

This message was sent from the Swiss organization who was suppose to contribute with extra vets to increase the number of sterilizations performed during a few days marathon campaign in the villages surrounding Galati area.

As you can see, every time ROLDA is planning good initiatives, Nancy Janes, Aurelian Stefan, Sara Turetta and their gang is there to destroy…because they are after money and glory…and because nothing stays in their way!

These people formed a gang and only who is with them is promoted and considered “acceptable” and all the others are called names, attacked, slander.

In case you support such people, wake up! Until it’s not too late…

Some did wake up…


If you had before any reason to doubt

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

No reasons of doubt anymore …. proof is here!

Rob Cole who presently admin the slander-website against ROLDA is on Romania Animal Rescue board.

The slander-website was created by Nancy Janes and her fanatics.

Read also: Romanian Court found Nancy Janes guilty for slandering ROLDA

Rob Cole is the official webmaster of Romania Animal Rescue website. Because Nancy Janes preferred cowardly to hide her own name  when the slander against ROLDA continued in the past 10 years and when people from all over the World start becoming annoyed by this attitude, she advanced Rob Cole to be the “official” admin of the slander-web too!

For technical virtues but also for being “usable” as shield, since 2013, Rob Cole is part of Romania Animal Rescue board.

(click picture to enlarge)


Dr. A. kiss graved on each cookie

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

Tired to kiss up old ladies asses,  Dr. A. moved to the next level…

No words can describe the image that you are about to see…and yes, it’s the “real one” …no photoshop ….dra_kiss

How to Throw up As Comfortably As Possible

It happens to all of us.  An indigestion can occur …Best solution?

Step 1 – Take a good look at this picture

Step 2 – That’s it

Can you imagine these two lips…where have been traveling, and traveling…and where provided services?

Vomiting was never more pleasant!