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Juicy statements from Court files about WDMDG lies

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Today, Georgeta Capatana statements!

It’s fantastic how Nancy Janes and her allies choose to manipulate people and feelings for their own dirty interests or obsessions! In case you thought you know “everything” about people …especially about the people that play innocents, sweet….or victims….hm, think about it again!

I never write any comment about the personal or professional life of the plaintiff, I never posted any comment or article on any website.(…)

I said from the very beginning that I was employeed at ROLDA Foundation and my working contract ceased in 2007 and in November 2011 I received a notification from the plaintiff where I was announced about the existence of some comments on the internet website WDMDG…. comments that seemed to be made by me.

Naturally, I contacted a person named Nancy Janes, an American citizen which was an important sponsor of ROLDA during the time I worked there and which I considered to be the owner or the administrator of that website because I never wished and I do not wish the association of my name with any article which is NOT WRITEN by myself!

So let’s ask Nancy Janes why she invents story and publish them on the internet on the name of the people that she knows they had a contact in the past with ROLDA.

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Romanian Court founds Nancy Janes GUILTY!

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

From Civil sentence 10479, public meeting from 06 November 2013:

On the guilt of the defendants, the Court notes that the articles were published on the website WDMDG  The defendants showing that the administrator of the website is the american citizen Nancy Janes, sponsor of ROLDA Foundation

The trial refers to the legal action taken by Dana Costin and ROLDA Foundation against the defamatory statements made by Cenac Vasile, Enachi Mirela and Capatana Georgeta, published on the website created by Nancy Janes, in her poor attempts to harm ROLDA reputation and hurt the 700 rescued dogs from their shelters.

The Romanian Court decided on civil sentence 10479,dated 06 November 2013 that Nancy Janes is guilty for making defamatory statements!

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