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Proofs about RAR ploting against ROLDA

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Any words added to this will give a little humanity, which would be wrong as these people do not have any care for ROLDA dogs. They do care only about their egos, pockets and insanity …These are some of the people that put ROLDA in a bad light over the years. Please share and MAKE JUSTICE!







German animal abuser: Anja Stein

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Send your protest letter to:

Dr.Bernhard Sacher
Hildesheimer Street 372
D -30519 Hannover

If you feel revolted after reading the following lines. The discussion happened on a secret group, created by Nancy Janes from RAR and Brenda. Members, Romanians and foreigns people were ploting against ROLDA.

Some of the reunited members : Kendra Pinder, Chrissy Phillips,Siri Ydstie,Norah Babington, MoniKapa, Alex Ionescu, Lelia Crenga…and of course Nancy Janes …”the great animal lover”!


“Anja Stein wrote:

But our stories are old stories. Dana supporter will say improvements were done. And they are right – watched from outside. We can’t give Dave anything what is useful to go to court. If we had we had done ourselves. We have only hearsay-stories. Dana abandoned dogs at night. We’ve no copies from contracts with AMG, DAMEN, City Hall, PROTAN etc. Even the hired PI’s couldn’t get hard evidences like videos or images. I’d tried so often to find an undercover person for volunteering or for watching Dana and employees at work – without any success. Neither in Germany nor in Romania. For example I’m looking for a person who would act as if it wants to volunteer in January. I guess Dana would have to defend by using silly argues, because conditions in Large Shelter during winter time will never be as good as she try to make people believe. Or do you think in ALL 120 kennels are wooden beds with straw. And water is readily available? That ALL kennels/dogs and the entire Large Shelter is accessible and ploughed? She will twist and turn to avoid to have a visitor in wintertime. But I’d found only persons from my hometown and she would be suspicious.

Norah Babington wrote:

A proffesional would be needed,yes. To act as volunteer. Preferably two: One to film when Dana c. dumps dogs from the Large Shelter in order to make it “available” to be seen by volunteer nr.2. I do disagree with you on one part,Anja, no matter “old” stories, they show the necassary pattern over time. And those stories ar not hearsay.Dave Dillon is really trying now – and if he cannot be given such evidence which would hold up in a court,he can certainly be given enough testemonies that will fullfill a clear perspective that will help him come to the right conclusion: Rolda is an animalabusing, fraudulent business on a big scale!

Lelia Creanga wrote:

I have posted there again today. Anja Stein, it would be very interesting but also very useful to see the reply you get concerning the new director at DSV Galati

Buz Honden wrote:

I am wondering if she knows my face?”