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Testimonial about Kendra Pinder and RAA UK

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

You all remember whom is Kendra Pinder…

She joined Romania Animal Aid (RAA) with her group AFRA (lol!!!) and the result was Action Aid for Animals which start stealing from Radauti group money sent by different people around the World for the needing dogs. Kendra also become the only woman on Earth that reached Croatia instead of Romania. Well, it happens….or it doesn’t really?!

For normal people it happens to get lost in a new city, on a different street. Kendra succeed to be lost into a different country. For her, the road signs are those frustrating things that she can’t eat or she can’t run over. I don’t know which of these possibility she tried first. So don’t ask….

I recently receive a testimonial from a lady cheated by the funny medium, extra-sized being, called Kendra.Enjoy reading it!

“I have been on the net and havn’t found it hard to find people who have been cyber and otherwise bullied by kendra pinder and her lot.

I have just had the most horrible experience when I adopted a dog from them and not sure what to do about it.I should let it rest maybe but they get their way by bullying and lying and I feel very aggrieved by the whole thing.I adopted a dog from them and shortly afterwards learnt I may lose my job.

I was experiencing depression also and made the big mistake of telling them because I am an honest person and they said they valued honesty.I asked if he wouldn’t be better off somewhere else and they replied don’t let him go as I would regret it.Then my messages emails were sent to Kendra Pinder and from then on I had to fight to keep my dog despite being told I would be taken to court and I was a liar and not fit to care for an animal.

3 times they said they would come and take him and 3 times I managed to keep him.then I found I had indeed lost my job so had to reluctantly agree he should be rehomed as he needs vet treatment being an old dog.

We had bonded well so it was the hardest thing to do.I was assured he was going straight to a new home who could care for his vet needs.but he hasn’t gone there he has gone into foster.I asked if he had been taken to the vet yet and the reply was no.I havn’t had any apology from them about calling me a liar or that I wasnt fit to care for an animal.

I have been told if I send messages asking for that they will be ignored.this dog needs to see a vet and I was also told by ms Pinder I had no right to know what happens to him now he is gone from me.i just wanted to offload to someone who knows them first hand and what type of people they are.

This is such a shame because these dogs they take from the streets need help and so many do get help through them but their people skills are nil and it seems they dont care for the dogs as well as they say because this old chap of mine didnt deserve what he got.they never home checked me they never came to my house after I had him although i invited anyone to come and see he was well and happy.They know now that he was cared for and yet i have not had an apology.

I dont know what i can do about it.they are not about to let me have him back because i still am looking for a job but to take him saying he is going somewhere and then pass him around is not right and not to get him straight to a vet when all they did was go on about how I couldn’t support him.Sorry to offload.”

The lady name is Pam S.

Be warned, the next time when you’d like to do a nice thing, like adopting a dog or supporting Kendra’s nutrition in any fashion – you might end up with the support taken (she eats a lot!!!), without any thanks, more over being bullied and harassed, threaten and who knows….what else, because Kendra’s profile continue to improve ….

NJ Gang using IFAW name to revenge

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Sheldon Cooper, alias Arjan Hans Melger – alias himself – invented a new dirty plan to put ROLDA in a negative light. Immediately, to her own shame, Nancy Janes from RAR joined it and didn’t hesitated to show her appreciation.

This Arjan faked two different logos: EU logo, which is forbidden to reproduce without permission (but not in his case ;-) and IFAW – the well known organization, with a very good reputation which became the victim of these crooks.

Then he invented a name to give credibility to his actions….Nancy Janes was imitating a monkey and was frenetically applauding!

Then he created a Facebook page where, like a veritable crook, he is scamming people to believe that he is part of a European Alliance that “investigates ROLDA”…

I wonder how IFAW and EU will react to this massive scam initiated by Arjan –the –nameless and his number one fan, Nancy Janes…