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Update about RAR, RARF and Nancy Janes

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012


In the past few days, a campaign was started on the internet against the abuses committed by the veterinary that works with RAR to sterilize dogs in Romania.

This veterinary name is Aurelian Stefan. He is on the RARF board where Nancy Janes is the President. You can read below what happens currently with RARF…

Back to animal abuses, by far the worst thing to be described here:

You can review here part of the proofs and photos indicated severe animals’ abuse.

Yes, while the sterilization is the key to control animal overpopulation and while the local Romanian charities that accepted to be helped by RAR meant only well for the dogs that they look after, it is disgusting for a veterinary to go that low, forget about ethics and torture animals like that, taking advantage of these charities desperation to prevent puppies to be born…

This is another campaign promoted by RAR and Nancy Janes but if you copy and paste this link into your browser, you will see how the animals were really treated during and after surgeries.

Keeping animals recently cut on the wet floor, working in dirt and trash environment, this is simply too wrong to happen.

I address again to everyone who love animals and react when seeing abuses, to protest using these emails address

Only in case you consider it is something wrong when looking at these pictures…but if it isn’t, then I guess these animals have no more defenders to be their voices:

3 (1)

I repeat myself: NOT the charities who want to prevent the born of puppies are to be blamed, but the veterinary who forget, for other purposes, the code of ethics!!!!

RARF closed down for lack of transparency?

First, let me remind you that RARF Romania is shooting down.

Here - you can see an official print screened document.

Every time something fails in Nancy Janes’ life , professionally or personally, she start blaming others.

For RARF’ failure and for the financial disorders regarding this charity, that lead to its closure, Nancy Janes blames Livia Brenner – her associate.

Nancy Janes attacks Livia Brenner, a former partner


If you read this article and know Livia Brenner or her father, can you ask one of them a point of view in regard to these severe accusations?


It is known that Livia’s father transports animals in Europe to be adopted. It is also known that Dr. Aurelian Stefan is the Secretary of RARF, suspected to have the same amount of guilt in lack of transparency of this about-to-be-disolved charity.  He is not attacked by Nancy Janes, who is the President of both RAR and RARF and can’t justify either this mess or where the 40000 $ vanished in a single year.


Nancy Janes claimed that she lend the RAR in USA , over the years, almost 100,000 $. This amount remains constant every year in her public statements, even if:

  1. Every year she declares separately that she made an extra loan which normally would make this amount increase but
  2. The IRS forms completed for the US Government, proofed over and over again to be fraudulent – talks about an amount of “only” 8000 USD borrowed from Nancy and Rory Janes.

Nancy Janes lies and our proofs!!!!

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

After being exposed for putting animals at risk, during several unsafe sterilizations events(organized in insalubres spaces all across Romania), Nancy Janes ‘ first reaction came on her own Facebook profile.

She made an astonishing statement there, saying that the photos do not describe the work done by her charity’veterinary and accussing that this is a fake to put RAR work in a bad light.

The next printscreens will proof that Nancy Janes is lying.


Nancy Janes’ statement made on her own Facebook profile’ wall

More photos, printscreens to proof that RAR veterinary paid by Nancy Janes performed these sterilizations, subject to animal abuse:



Seeing all these, it makes you wonder….How far some beings will go for their own fame, big ego and glory?!

When these kind of actions will (be) stop(ped)?

How little consideration these “people” have for their donors to lie, cheat and fraud in this manner?!

The sterilizations for which you, the donor, are paying for RAR campaigns, are done in these conditions!!!!

If these photos show all these abuses, imagine what you are not seeing:

Dogs’ trauma, untreated infections, pain, misery….and death!

These dogs’ agony is brushed over with nice titles : ” free sterilizations campaigns in Romania”, “care for Romanian dogs”, “sterilization is the only solution”, ‘RAR is a great charity”.

It would be a shame for all of us not to speak up or let ourselves be manipulated , fooled to believe that we are a part of this disgusting “change”.

Some would say that this charity’resources are low.This is not an excuse for animals’abuse. Otherwise, each abuser will claim that is poor in orde to continue make animals suffering.

The real work of RAR in Romania

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Take a look at these pictures randomly selected. Romanian animals need sterilization programs, but they also need to be treated with respect and responsibility….Insalubrious sterilization programs done over and over again by RAR team in country yards, on the floor, in former industrial buildings makes you wonder?!

Would  Nancy Janes tell her sponsors how RAR “work” affects Romanian dogs? How many survive from the ones sterilized like that? How many dogs wearing RAR ear tags did you saw from the 16,000 sterilizations claimed to be done over the years all over Romania?

Dogs need recovery after sterilization, not to be thrown in mud or dirt, dizy and loosing blood….to be killed by other hungry dogs, or hit by trucks….Sterilization shouldn’t be equal with killing animals …how many infections happen and whom supervise the dogs after surgery?

You would let your pet be sterilized in these conditions? Why we bother to create a clean veterinary system based on rules and hygiene…if this woman and her vets remain unpunished after doing all these things?

It is immoral to make dogs suffering, even if they are voiceless or come from an (almost) third World country, where poverty make things difficult…but even so, shall we be happy with a garbage nicely wrapped or shall we demand quality and professionalism ?!?!

In case you have something to say, after seeing these photos – post your comment and share this page far and wide! Abuses against animals, under any shape or form must be stopped!


Dogs left on the dirty floor after surgery…Fair enough?