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Comment from Hanneke T. on WDMDG website

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Is it online now?

I wonder…

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June 29, 2012 at 6:14 PM

Sheila@ Pls, ask ROLDA/Dana Costin yourself instead of believing all the crap that everybody is able to write on the internet. We are more than willing to fill you in!
Everybody can write on this medium whatever they like and without control, verification or correction if the information is misleading or wrong.

Nancy, please control yourself for once and don’t answer me as I’m not interested in your “constant war without an end”.
You haven’t been in touch with ROLDA/Dana since 2006, 8 years ago, so don’t be this judgemental. The only thing you’re doing is mislead people here.
Have it ever occured to you that things change in time??? Have it ever occured to all this people reading your “stories” that they might be twisted in your favour???

Dana asks for donations mainly for the small shelter/the adoption shelter in which approx. 70 dogs live, where builings have to be built and renovated, paddocks had to be made, they need food and medical care. She has been honest with that from the beginning

For the big shelter sponsored by ARCELOR MITTAL we need equipment for the REX Vet Clinic as well, paddocks, we would like to build a natural habitat (ith dog houses, medical care and food) for dogs that can’t be rehomed etc. etc. There áre things that AMittal don’t pay for.

Dana has always praised Arcelor Mittal for their sponsorship and do your réally think that a company this big would cooperate with someone who is not to be trsuted?

Don’t judge people you from 8 years ago so easily and PLEASE, do your thing and let ROLDA do hers.

We are ALL animal lovers and I believe you are too, so agáin PLEASE, don’t destroy our dogs in the process and get back to work like we do!!

Thank you,

People reactions against so called sterilizations made by RAR

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012


Dog with fresh incision left on the ground....

photo: Dog with fresh incision left on the floor. When being criticized, the organizer refuses to learn from previous mistakes as she thinks to be omniscient and almighty…too bad that she has no real friends to tell her when she is abusing animals!

Every time a product or a service is  free, it makes you wonder….


Words of guilt and blind jealousy

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

When Nancy Janes the President of RAR gets angry, the World she sees is bicolour: green because of venom and jealousy and black because frustrations and hate!

These are the most recent confessions that Nancy Janes incoherently made when the World was green and black for her;-)

Nancy Janes confirming that she contacted Zonta (and asked her “fans” to do the same) as she couldn’t stand that ROLDA got an award for the activity from Galati. So much about animals love and respecting others’ work.


Nancy Janes twisted thoughts and aberrations:

“I have no team….you have angered and cheated more people than me and you know it. You blame everything on me…when I am the one with the help of my wonderful staff that helps the animals in Romani.”

So Nancy Janes has no team BUT a wonderful staff which is wondeful because they help her ?!?!?! And she cheated and conned some people , as she says but not as many as others….?!?!

Any comments?

RAA/Chrissy Phillips steals ROLDA supporters

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

It is no “hot news” that Chrissy Phillips used ROLDA collaboration for over 2 years, until ROLDA caught her lying big time!

Chrissy Phillips collected money in ROLDA name, for ROLDA adopted dogs and she never sent a penny in Romania, apart from a donation that she couldn’t pocket.

Chrissy Phillips influenced negatively all ROLDA supporters from UK despite the fact the only means of getting in touch with these people, at that time, was through ROLDA, using ROLDA beautiful and healthy dogs in her own advantage.

Chrissy Phillips harassed people from UK that continue to be ROLDA supporters.

In this printscreen, you can see how a lovely lady named Jayne who adopted a perfect dog from ROLDA was convinced by vicious women to be against ROLDA, even if each time this Jayne looks at her beautiful dog should be grateful to be the companion of such a healthy and perfect dog!


New gimmick to recruit more naives

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

It is well known that Nancy Janes and Kendra Pinder abusively included Dana’s (and her friends, family, relatives) private documents and personal data on a website they created together and promoted on the internet.

Despite numerous complaints, the documents remained online.

It appears that someone broke Dana’s boyfriend email address and using his personal data which are publicly for months on the Nancy Janes website, sent a letter out to DSV Botosani to stop the sterilization campaign organized by a local charity there.

It is sad that so many animals were prevented to be sterilized and stop reproducing, but it also shows how in the real life, when you try to harm someone in such a low way, by publicly showing up online his personal details, you end up to be a victim yourself!

Nancy Janes and her clone are jealous on Dana’s rose;-)

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

It took only two days until Nancy Janes from Romania Animal Rescue and Anja Stein from her home started another attack against Dana and ROLDA.

The current issue is the award that ROLDA received for their activity in Galati, Romania.

The evil bitches couldn’t stand such a public recognition, the same as they can’t stand any positive promotion of ROLDA in Romania or abroad.

Probably they didn’t heard about bad Karma and it’s possible that part of the failure taste they are feeling every day in their ancient mouth to be caused by the venom boiling in their green blood.

The organization that awarded ROLDA with “Award of Excellence” received an email from Anja Stein two days after the ceremony…wow….the girls are moving quickly!

In the same time, Nancy Janes- the President of RAR, posted nasty comments and allegations on the same organization international Facebook page. All the efforts being done to destroy a moment of recognition of more then 6 years of ROLDA activity.