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Romanian dog sent to be killed

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Who “saved” this poor dog and sent him to death?


Kendra Pinder wrote on Facebook

YVONE BARTLETT also known as YVONNE PETERS – Adopted a dog, passed homecheck etc, then without the charities permission or knowledge, less than 24 hours of having him in her home, she took the dog to her vets and had him pts. She then went on further to lie on so many levels to the charity. The charity is now contacting the police and if need be will be taking further legal proceedings against Ms Barlett/Peters.

Rory Janes confession

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Attending alone the EXPO Conference organized by HSUS, while his wife helps Dr.A. performing in Romania, Rory  confessed that Nancy Janes  searched desperately to hire a company to start a direct mailing fundraising (exactly the same type of mailing fundraising that she blames others for having).

Nancy Janes tried to hire a former writer, now in the fundraising business. They negociated immediately after the Best Friends conference but the result was a failure……no surprise.

He was horrified by RAR founder’s attitude, her low creativity and capability to understand how a charity should be run.

The sample of Nancy Janes hypocrisy is precisely the fact she blames others for investing funds into direct mailing system, while she is keen to do exactly the same ;-)


And Rory….with some type of persons you have such a big mouth ;-)

Siri Ydstrie mouth

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Big mouth some could say…and if you look at this picture,¬† there is…the mouth large as a whole face…actually you can’t see the face because of the mouth…

Such a useful mouth…waiting a strong microphone to go there for an interview…


Siri’s mouth is sold out in two versions: open (for public) and closed (limited edition).