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Saturday, April 14th, 2012


Attracted by Romania, Siri Ydstrie became a regular tourist there;-)

This year’s tour included meeting people part of RAR or related to Nancy Janes.

In Bucharest, Siri Ydstrie met Raluca Simion (which goes usually to international conferences to badmouth other Romanian colleagues).

Then she followed Dr. A. and “documented” the “sterilization campaign”done in Galati;-) exactly in the same time when the biggest Norwegian TV was announced to come there.

In Galati, RAR said they planned for 50 sterilizations but done more waiting and waiting for the TV crew to come….how is it possible to drive miles with medical supplies enough for 50 animals (and pretend not having more available) and suddenly, to find by a miracle…suddenly more supplies?!?!?

Cheap drama!

Or, more likely, happened like that:  “are you going to kiss good Janes’back…then we will do better work, more sterilizations”…and what means “kiss up Janes’ back”…well, obviously speak bad about ROLDA!

I remind you that Dr.A. is Janes’ right hand, the same hand she is using to….sign his cheques. As a justification of an amount of about 40000 USD spent by Dr. A. in Romania, he also sign…a piece of paper instead of providing full accountability, but this is another story….

Back to Siri Y, the dancing princess – stirred by her American idol , or by her illusions, she visited the charity pound from Galati where 1000 dogs are crowded and fed, when lucky, with bones.

As much as she came to promote whatever Nancy Janes “embrace” ,this situation was too embarrassing for Siri’s high standards and the only comment she made on her Facebook profile was/ to quote her exactly : “Skrekkelige forhold med nesten 1000 dyr” which means “horrible conditions for about 1000 dogs”.We knew that already, hun!

After her role ended in Galati, she went to meet Lelia Creanga, another ….human part of RAR team. This being abandoned 4 puppies in ROLDA care and never bother to ask how they are doing, since more then a year. Why to do that? Why to upset Nancy Janes, the cheques are coming from there…or to pretend she cares when there is no gain from that?! ;-)

After seeing the shelter under Lelia Creanga’s wing – a marvelous place as you see in the photo – where dogs don’t wake up sometimes after being tranquilized – (well, this is not a bad thing all the time, in case you are part of RAR, actually this is a good thing….)…Siri Y. hurried to be interviewed by TV back in Bucharest, as this was the entire purpose of her mission in Romania, for this time.


Now, a riddle for our readers : Let’s guess whom paid Siri Y. trip to Romania, focused on the “special target visits”?!

How deeply Nancy Janes REALLY love the animals!

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

This is an awful discussion that Nancy Janes had with her “fans” and “partners in crime”. This is her real “face”, full of venom and intrigues:

Dogs’ best interest or personal fight?


And more…



Poor Nancy Janes – she married for her husband’s money and had to suffer all these years because complexes and “little heads”….. 20 years matrimonial counseling didn’t make the “problem” grow!

And yes, it is the other way around;-)

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Dana and ROLDA are suing the very low beings who harmed this charity for way too long!!!


One more lie from Nancy Janes/RAR

Thursday, April 5th, 2012


Nancy Janes posted this message and her puppets troop spreaded it for weeks.

Dana from ROLDA was never investigated/accused by any officials in any shapes or forms.

But it was another way of harassing me, spreading lies to fool people to believe this lamentable clique’lies.

If you take a look to this print screen:


You will see that actually the company is named SC ROLDA Company SRL, an enterprise and not ROLDA Foundation.

Even Nancy Janes should know that two registered entities can’t have the same name in the same country (except for branches of the same company, but it’s not the case here as one is a company and the second is a charity).

And even this wasn’t a trial, but a simple error in papers which was immediately fixed, as you can translate for yourself!

This is how Nancy Janes and her “supporters”  try to fool you, people like some  pickpockets .

Nancy Janes violates freedom of speech

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

By creating a website and a blog to distribute (abject) content, Nancy Janes and Kendra Pinder has the moral duty to leave to the readers the freedom of speech.

When they grab a subject, even in the form of a comment, even if obtained abusively – these “ladies” should learn that once made public, the public has the right to express freely its opinion.

Worse then communists, they censor the positive comments, made in ROLDA’ s favor and delete them from both blog and the trash-website because their hard motivated work, done in the past months, is only to mislead the public , to trick them  into believe their sickening stories.

Proof that positive comments made by ROLDA supporters are deleted as represent “bad image for the slander campaign”!

hege blogg

bevis 2

Why Nancy Janes uses Robert Smith name?

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Not only without his consent, but also against his wishes.

It happens for people to abuse others. It happens for them to get away unpunished.

Nancy Janes and her pathetic troop is hunting people words, sentences, to add them on the trash-website they created, named where-did-my-brain-go aka where-should-be-my-brain-location?

This is what Robert Smith wrote to Dana from ROLDA after he tried to convince Nancy Janes to remove his full name and email address from the trash-website and the trash-blog created by Kendra Pinder.

“God knows why anybody wastes their time reading this rubbish on websites  To me it is clear that you wrote that you had consulted me in the past (which is undoubtedly true) and that you will consult me about the open shelter (which I hope is true because I hope you will visit us some time soon near Oradea).”

The truth prevails. Some people with less brain then their own choose to open their mouth and take in full the dirt served by Nancy Janes. Oh, and she can serve and serve…she is an expert to serve (she was stewardess when younger, ages ago. The only job she ever had apart from her “position” at Romania Animal Rescue).

It is interesting Nancy Janes desperate response when Robert Smith asked his name out of the website and out of Kendra blog:

“Hi Robert, Dana has put your email texts (out of context of course) on her site as well.  It is out of my hands now……sorry.  I will know better next time to check with you first, but now it has gone viral and there is not much we can do about it.
Now both our original emails as well as Dana’s out of context and misquoted emails have gone viral and there is no getting them back.”

We all know this is far from truth. As usual, Nancy Janes is blaming others, incapable to accept her own failures. Typically what she did all her  life.

She acts like a sick puppy, more and more often now worse – being desperate to hang on a “evidence” even if it doesn’t exist!
Robert Smith told clearly he wants his name and email out of Janes sick story, and she doesn’t know how to lie more and how to twist things to keep (against his wish) another “name” on her fake website.
The worse you go deeper in your own trash, the worse will be for you, Nancy Janes.
People start seeing who you are and start talking. You will remain known as a witch who created troubles and harassed Romanian based on how much you like or dislike a matter how many thousands lives you hurt in the long run!
You bury yourself the little  good work that you claim you do. I will be here to enjoy the moment when your mistakes will turn all against you!

Adopt Siri Ydstrie (Norway)!

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Siri Ydstrie is a remarkable being.

She is too smart to be appreciated by the crowd. She emanates purity  and her professional  CV reinforces her unique capabilities, that makes all of us envious: she is a …belly-dancer!

She a source of inspiration in animal rescue’ world too. From two quick (belly) moves, she solved the strays problem in Portugal. She went, saw, conquer, dance…and returned home.

Such a simple strategy to help countries with massive strays problem and none thought about it before?! Oh, but we are the crowd. She is the salvation! The genius itself!

Then, she came to Romania to solve the strays problem, bringing on her entire experience from Portugal.

She solved it. Those few strays escaped in the last moment from her magic touch…or they didn’t like the belly dance show….it happens.

Anyway, Siri is the action-woman. Moving quickly from a country to another, she saved the strays problem in Serbia and Turkey, now back in Romania to perform another show in private to stubborn strays…harder on being seduced ;-)


Sold out or For Adoption. Both slogans are part of Siri’s life!

Bottom up and belly shaking, or no – bottom shaking and belly up….don’t worry, I might not figure out this but for sure Siri in her pure splendor, will do the dance, take the bonus and save the World (and the dogs) in between shaking up her body.

Flori (ROLDA) Birthday

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Anja Stein called on 04 April Flori to wish her Happy Birthday!

She couldn’t help herself not to dig a little, maybe maybe it’s her lucky day for a “juicy, dirty little secret”…and ask Flori if Dana raised her salary lately or not.

Anja Stein: Flori’s salary is 850 RON. When you are lousy, it makes you look even older. Ask straight, stop thinking of strategies with your sick, irradiated mind!