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Comments against RAA/Kendra Pinder abuse

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

People from all over the World protested against this “charity” abusive action.

Read a small fraction of all comments posted within few hours when the heartbreaking news was made public!














Shocking proofs against Kendra Pinder’s abuses

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012


60-70 dogs were transported from Romania to Germany, Holland and UK.


Days and days on the road, dogs were transported more in a single kennel, exactly as described in these photos. Wonder why Kendra Pinder has a secret Facebook group where she arranges details for each transport to and from Romania.


Maybe in the end, she feels guilty for charging people 200 GBP/dog to be tormented for days until if lucky,  poor voiceless soul reach his destination. What trauma, what barbaric thing to do!



Nancy Janes from Romania Animal Rescue conning

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Or how to ruin others projects rather then doing a good work for the Romanian animals

Nancy Janes insanity and obsession toward ROLDA is not a secret.

Lately, she put someone to spy ROLDA activity on the Norvegian group, administrated by Alice, a person harassed in many occasions by the insane Janes and her gang.

This spy reported to the “master” that ROLDA promotes a newer project, the natural shelter which is suppose to be “the freedom ticket” for unadoptable dogs.

This spy asked on the Norvegian  group a question directly to Dana and her answer was twisted to create another scandal and to put in danger the good intentions of this project before it even started.

This is the full conversation:


Dana clearly stated that Robert Smith helped  ROLDA with advices since 2006, when the charity was set up, even before that. She also said very clearly that she will ask Robert…not that she already did!

Nancy Janes sent a private email to Robert Smith claiming this:

“Dana says she is in close contact with you and you are advising her.  I don’t believe her as she is claiming to purchase the land in another county away from Galati.  Are you working with her on this…advising her? “

First, Dana said that she will contact Robert about the natural shelter idea. Secondly, the natural shelter will be built where we can purchase a cheaper plot of land. Dana never said she works with Robert Smith, just that she is aware of his good work in Romania and that his advices were always appreciated.

Of course, Nancy Janes posted quickly the response of Robert Smith who was naturally unaware of this matter.

“Dear Nancy,

No she is not in contact with me and I know nothing about this. Antonia (to whom I am copying this) mentioned that we are supplying dogfood to Rolda and that so far they have paid us correctly for the dogfood. Stefan (Antonia’s husband) has seen Dana’s shelter with about 500 dogs which are in good condition.”

But because Robert Smith email was also applauding ROLDA work at the large shelter, Janes got mad again!

“ The 500 dogs that you speak of are actually at the ArcelorMittal shelter that ROLDA only manages. “

So, as you can clearly see, when she wants to make a fuss about the dogs from the large shelter, ROLDA is to be blamed…and when people say good things about this shelter, including Robert Smith employees, she pretend this shelter doesn’t belong to ROLDA!

Now, take a minute to think how many more lives could have been saved from August 2011, since  Nancy Janes spent funds (that she pretends she doesn’t have and ask people for donations) to create and maintain this website, using private emails and twisting words to hurt Dana, ROLDA and eventually the 500 dogs + in ROLDA care!

And she called herself an animal lover!!!! Next time you plan to donate to RAR or to support this woman insanity and insoluble behavior, think what you actually encourage!

Why Nancy Janes would do that?

She is incapable to think globally and help dogs in more then one way (paying usually people to preach her and do sterilizations for just a small number of dogs, never solving the problem to prove the sterilization program’ success in a single location, but to get the sympathy of “more back kissers” from more locations)

She is the person interested by her own imaginary personal fights and by quantity not quality, she always was!

Nancy Janes learn that seeding mistrust is easy. This “policy” she applies each time ROLDA comes up with a new project, to dirt our name and compromise the project before it really start. Then, she and her gang send people emails explaining that ROLDA ask for money and doesn’t show results, but conveniently forget to specify the damage she creates right from the beginning, to make harder and harder getting the much needed funds.

Nancy Janes has no clue what morality, confidentiality and loyalty means. This is why private emails she received , are posted on the website especially created to hurt ROLDA, private data and private documents are also used, anything she can grab or steal to be a tool for her insane obsession to hurt ROLDA, she is capable of everything.

This is a portion of Dana’s email to Robert Smith:

Hello, Mr Robert Smith

A friend and supporter from the Norvegian group sent me a link.
It is about private emails exchanged between you and the being called Nancy Janes.

There she implies that I stated that I am in touch with you in regard to build a natural shelter.
Even if they quote me exactly what I said , which is:
” He(Robert Smith) is helping me with advices before ROLDA was a registered charity.Of course I WILL LEARN from him while funds are started to be raised”.

This is what I wrote, am I wrong? You didn’t helped with advices?
I said I WILL ASK your advices….(…)

They twisted my words to put in danger this project before it even started.

I was surprised to see that you disapprove the fact ROLDA has fundraising campaign, which is weird….because I assume you know that charities need funds to survive.
I have no expectations from Nancy Janes. I always preached your work and you as a person who helped me with good advices from the beginning.

I don’t understand your attitude and I always respected you for being a good-sense, compassionate, smart person.

In regard to the trash-website created by Nancy Janes and her allies, I guess she forgot to tell you that ALL Romanians posting allegations there will be brought to Court in Romania. I have no money to fight Janes in Court, but maybe this will change in future.

It is really pathetic how she and her gang chase opportunities, put online private communication and how she dig and dig into subjects like a desperate, paranoid being!(….)

About AMG collaboration, the big shelter is our’s , I am not hired by them, we are supported because AMG likes our work, despite the efforts done by this insane woman and her gang to destroy this relation too.
I am sure Antonia and Stefan reported that our dogs are well cared and happy , at least Stefan visited the large shelter several times.

I am sad and disappointed that you join this woman revengeful attitude, but it’s your option after all.