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Where my donation for land gone?

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

RAR and Nancy Janes did it again!

Few months ago, Nancy Janes asked for donations to purchase a land to Cenac from Galati, to move the dogs from the local pound to a safe location.

After getting the money (a huge amount collected from innocent people) the land was purchased not for Cenac but in someone’s else name.

Cenac’ dogs are in deplorable conditions . Nobody relocated the dogs  not to the new land premises, not anywhere else.

Dogs are sitting in the local pound while people who donated for the new land were fooled that a good thing was done by RAR for Romanian dogs.Like when everyone, including Romanian media was fooled that Pamela Anderson endorse RAR!

Ask Nancy Janes where your money gone, whom is the land beneficiary and why dogs are still dieing in the local pound while people paid for the new land….

More, RAR started badmouthing charities like Wereld Asielen….after using the name of Wereld Asielen  for  RAR’s benefits (including for the slander campaign innitiated by RAR against ROLDA, during which Nancy Janes was /is desperate to find/invent and add multiple persons names, faked testimonials, so it look like more people are on the list “against” ROLDA , to fuel her insane “dream”)

After Wereld Asielen donated tons and tons of dogfood to Cenac(last time 16TONS!!!), instead of showing gratitude for this Dutch charity, take a look of what Nancy Janes wrote on her Facebook page!


Just another example on how this vindictive woman bite the hand that helped her charity for years!

Romania freezing. No good time for action for foreign puppets?

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Ussually the rescue and sterilizations missions organized by foreign “charities” like RAR and RAA/now Action Aid for Animals UK take place in sunny spring/summer days….not too hot weather, as it make elderly skin look even more “depreciated”… Of course not too cold, as they wouldn’t be crazy enough to leave their cozy warm chairs  from home-location.

RAR President doesn’t like Romanian winters, as California doesn’t have winter….so why to bother to learn how it’s rescue the street dogs on freezing time?!

And Kendra Pinder is getting to Croatia every time she is trying to reach Romania as her connections with spiritual World seems to prevent Romanian animals to enjoy this “amazing personality” company when it’s the worst….Action Aid in vacation sounds better!

Nancy Janes executes another manipulation

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

In December 2011, Nancy Janes had to take another hard decision in her convulsive life:  starting a Christmas campaign to benefit RAR,like all other charities do in this time of year or hatching another aggressive strategy against ROLDA…and guess which idea formed more appetizing in Janes’ revolutionary “pseudo-brain”?!

Let’ s make a foray in Nancy Janes “ world”…if you’ll feel dizzy and ready to ask yourself if you are about to loose your minds, remember that this is not YOUR real “world” but her’ s and thanks to the modern revolutionary medicine, strong pills were recommended by doctor for a daily administration, so she can survive to torment all the others.

The straight jacket is more expensive in California State then all the tons of pills she took and continue to luxuriate in?Can we start a ChipIn for faster results? ;-)

Let’s not waste time and get to the subject: How everything started this time?

Great NonProfits is a website where people can write reviews about their favorite charities. In the beginning of December, both ROLDA and RAR had nice pages created on this website.

After the first review in ROLDA’ s favor, Nancy Janes got mad…and informed her puppets to post, usually under fake names, abusive messages/reviews against on ROLDA page. She can’t stand to see ROLDA successful and for sure she doesn’t spend a small fortune (from where?) to pay puppets to spread dirt out.

In less then 2 days, approx. 16 negative testimonials flooded ROLDA page on Great Nonprofits, from Nancy, her husband, 2-3 of Mandy Easter, from well-known (in the gossiping history) Kendra and Chrissy, all “the dream team” was there….

Because Great NonProfits team was alerted by the Nancy Janes & puppets ‘vandalism , they decided to delete and block both ROLDA and RAR pages.

This is a common strategy that Nancy Janes has in the past year: she is happy when she is capable to destroy what ROLDA try to build, no matter if RAR is suffering as a result of this action….after all, everything is done in Romanian animals favor, right?

After both organizations pages were deleted, Nancy Janes accused ROLDA to hack Great NonProfits website, a serious charge, but obviously not the only one , released directly from her hysteric mouth.

In the same time, take a look at what Nancy Janes confessed (without being again too smart) to her friend in comploting, Anja Stein!

Nancy Janes Facebook profile

She is basically denounce herself, how she was” forced” to call Great NonProfits and begged them to remove each nasty comment that appeared against RAR, then blame ROLDA for hacking into that page!

We would be almost ready to believe that Nancy Janes made a transplant of …brain to act  Machiavellian….but actually the entire force that guides her is based on despair, looser feeling and her rage, or better said – obsession.

Interestingly enough, Nancy Janes made a public statement, regarding her attitude against ROLDA  ”this fight will never end”.

An expected statement from a real animal lover concerned deeply (from her comfy sit in California) about Romanian dogs situation!!!!