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Nancy Janes reply about RAR faked sterilizations numbers

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

It has come to my attention that Dana Costin of ROLDA is posing under her fake profile names (Lori Brechner, Vanda Alisson, Geena Mackenzen) and stating that Romania Animal Rescue and I did not account for the funds collected in 2010 for 1000 spays/neuters. I suppose I need to explain this to ROLDA since they do not understand how charity programs work. Many donations are received at the end of the year for upcoming spay/neuter programs for the following year, i.e. funds received in 2010 are thereby used to help fund programs in 2011. Charities need to have funding in place for upcoming programs. Currently RAR is fundraising for programs in 2012, even though our books will show that the funds are collected in December of 2011, funds collected will roll over to be used in 2012. Since ROLDA does virtually no spay/neuter, I don’t believe they understand how this works…..

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Our comments:

Basically, RAR completed the IRS forms for 2010 and Nancy Janes declared that she wired to Romania exclusively for spay/neuter over 102000 USD (donations coming from people like you, trusting in her words and promises).

Divide this amount to 22 USD. How many sterilizations result?How many RAR said they did in 2010, well…1000 dogs less.

Now, Nancy Janes claims she didn’t used the entire funds in 2010 and left some for 2011…OK, but then two questions at least arise:

Why RAR has wired all funds in Romania if not all were spent for sterilizations, but she declared to (US official) IRS that all these money were already used?

Why lying that for every money donated by RAR supporters /spent in Romania there are receipts and documents to back up the  IRS forms when now it proves that she “justify” on papers funds which were not even spent?!

You see, Nancy Janes – you are not very smart, let’s put it this way kindly, and the more you sink into your own lies, the better will be for everyone to see whom you really are and discover the truth…You can blame ROLDA as much as you can, the mistakes you done yourself, the fake papers you complete yourself, the continuous fraud coming from RAR and from you will be exposed based on your own tragic lies.

It is one thing when you collected the money and another thing when you used the money, wiring the funds to Romania for a specific project that you claim you support.

The question was simple, you complicate the answer hoping that you will fool your supporters again.

It happened at least twice in early March and late October-November (when you were busy slandering ROLDA and building that garbage website) to post on RAR ‘ behalf appeals requesting funds because “RAR must do….x sterilizations and we ran out of funds”…but you had the funds since previous year , so why lying Nancy Janes?

Maybe ROLDA doesn’t understand your “strategy” to collect funds as obviously it is at least weird if not full of lies and immoral! This is your concept about running a “honest” charity?!

Another slandering campaign against ROLDA

Monday, December 19th, 2011

ROLDA started legal actions against several Romanians who deliberately slander this charity over the years, especially in the past months.

Here you can read the post made by RAR and Janes lying without any shame that ROLDA is sued by others, etc.


Nancy Janes during and after the party

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Nancy Janes and her husband Rory flew from sunny California to Riga, Latvia country (Eastern Europe) to attend 2 days of ICAWC conference.

She was “prepared” to slander ROLDA to all potential “victims”. Also she was ready to have fun…With the army of puppets present also at ICAWC to serve Janes’ dirty interests, like the “trumps” Anja Stein, Alex Ionescu, Siri Y. …Nancy Janes could relax, visit the old party…and party every night …


Photo shows Nancy and Rory Janes at the dinner party, they spent an hour there  ”for the dogs” than they disappeared in the old town area to party , witnesses saw them still in the middle of the fun at 1am….

If they wouldn’t care for Romania dogs, who will?

RAR’s vicious number of sterilizations

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Is it an innocent pure (repeated) mistake or fund embezzlement?

The following documents are either completed by RAR President herself or posted on Romania Animal Rescue’ official website. It is a fact that sterilizations numbers for 2010 reported online doesn’t match with the amount of donations collected.


IRS forms completes b Nancy Janes shows few different amounts spent for dogs spay/neuter in 2010. On the first page, she declared 112624 US$ , on another page 123,433 US$ while on another page the total “wired” in Romania (to unknown destination) is 102,021 US$. If this is a mistake, it shows the respect that RAR and Nancy Janes shows to donors and sustainers.




If it is not a mistake or if you have suspicions about RAR possible fund embezzlement, ask IRS to investigate and give legal answers:


Internal Revenue Service
Fresno, CA 93888-0045




Internal Revenue Service
P.O. Box 7704
San Francisco, CA 94120-7704


Any of these declared amounts if you divide to 22 US$ (the declared cost of a sterilization) is from 4630 dogs sterilized , up.


102021 /22 = 4630 dogs

112624 /22 = 5119 dogs

123433 /22 = 5610 dogs


While on RAR official website, the number of animals sterilized in 2010 is 3218 dogs.





It is not the World’s conspiracy, or a particular person vendetta against RAR and Nancy Janes. These repeated “mistakes” shows lack of professionalism, lack of capability to handle the role undertaken as a President of a charity, ignorance or fraud.


It is amusing to see the obedient people around this woman running RAR who encourage her to persist in her lies and deceiving behavior. Between two encouragements, why not asking her the real cause of the repeated mistakes that ultimately cause doubt and lack of credibility to entire Romanian animals charities.

Sad Christmas time at ROLDA

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

By Dana Costin, President of ROLDA and Romanian League in Defense of Animals


It’s been hard times for me and the great charity I represent in the past months, getting every time much worse, especially after June 2011.

Working in Romania is difficult in itself, adding up the lack of authorities cooperation (who more try to damage than help dogs charities in my country) plus the economic crises because of which everyone was affected, including our charity budget. It didn’t look like a good year right from the beginning but it’s not our habit to complain – we are used with difficulties and always move ahead for our dogs.


Sadly everything transformed into an uncontrollable situation after ROLDA stopped working with RAA. Arguments can go back and forth; the reality which can’t be denied (even by RAA /AFRA and her allies) is they abandoned 5 from 10 ROLDA dogs in the Holland. These 5 dogs never reached UK, as it was promised to me. (You can read more here about these, I will not remember this sad experience or boring anyone with it!)



Kendra Pinder and Chrissy Phillips from RAA/AFRA allied with Nancy Janes from RAR and comploted to destroy ROLDA for good. Here are emails exchanged between them conspiring.


RAR /Romania Animal Rescue is a former collaborator of ROLDA. Since 2006, ROLDA registered as 501-c-3 charity in USA after stop working with Nancy Janes. This vindictive woman promised revenge the moment she noticed that ROLDA can be strong charity without her.


I am not trying to criticize RAR work in Romania because the number of sterilizations she done obviously prevent dogs multiplying. I must notice however that RAR never sterilized in one city until the problem is solved , as FPCC does – because RAR and Nancy Janes is avid for fame and glory, despite her past, which is very well described on this link.


Nancy Janes pays sterilizations to different groups making them allies , (some) naives Romanians who are glad and grateful they get support from Americans and are ready anytime to slander fellow countryman for money or more noble, for support their own dogs.


This is how Nancy Janes gathered a group of Romanians ready anytime to slander what the American “lady” hates the most. Years ago, she was sending personally emails to potential supporters of ROLDA, incurring doubts and negative thoughts to stop the support to come.

Now, her puppets does this for her. She achieve two things while sterilizing dogs: building a name for her charity + justifying the funds she raised and winning “destruction partners” against what she hates.

How in the World people like the following ones who never visited ROLDA, even if they are in Romania, could “sign Nancy Janes song” if not for a very definite reason?!

Otilia Pana from Sibiu who represented Animal Life Sibiu at ICAWC 2011, or the nameless Alex Ionescu from Ploiesti (an “activist” against ROLDA and in RAR favour, who got her much –deserved “present” and was transported to the same ICAWC Conference in Latvia in 2011 with the sole purpose to target people and find opportunities to badmouth ROLDA) Or maybe Lelia Creanga, promoted recently as RAR representative – who abandoned 4 pups in ROLDA care…and never bother to ask how they are….but slander my charity every step…

We can’t think negatively about magic Dr. A. as he is paid directly from RAR and Nancy Janes to sterilize, according the IRS 2010 “only” 100000 USD….so he can’t be anything but “devoted” to the “payment source”.


All these people on command, like having their brain washed, are posting on forums or websites where ROLDA register or is present negative comments. If I wouldn’t emotionally care about my dogs and how much they hurt me and my charity, it would be amused to see the “American trump” giving the “signal” and the puppets immediately in action.


It is somehow interesting to take a look to RAR IRS files. Because of wisely investing money on “puppets ready to slander on command”, on website where she can deject her frustrations, Nancy Janes increase the budget for RAR from 96100 to 170000 US$. Would this be the “receipt for becoming a successful charity”?

Does RAR done something different in 2010 (comparing with 2009) in Romania, an year which affected all of us from economic point of view, or just because she is stealing ROLDA supporters, poisoning people ‘s heart and mind, in order to redirect funds to her own.


After getting the funds, she choose “where the help should go”, whom will be more obedient, hurting what she hates more, gossiping and slander more aggressively…Maybe this is why Alex Ionescu got a trip to Latvia and 100 sterilizations for Ploiesti, of course…let’s not forget the dogs….


I am glad that animals are helped by people donating to RAR, but it’s so painful to see the “other side” of the story, using the people (that she is helping with donors money to sterilize their dogs), to hurt ROLDA.


I received audio files from Latvia conference which will be made public. Nancy Janes is talking little about RAR work in Romania and using most of her time to slander to people asking or not, ROLDA. Even if ROLDA representative wasn’t there to defend.

In USA, Nancy Janes attacked ROLDA representative twice in public places.


Romanian animal charities is crawled in dirt to most of the public events when RAR and especially Nancy Janes is there because she is obsessed. It is not a secret she gets medicines to control herself and the emotional problems she has.

When she hears ROLDA name or when she thinks someone might be interested on this charity, she gets out of control. Even if someone would be guilty for half of what RAR claims, the collaboration ended in 2006 so things are history….why to hang from the past and hurt countless dogs, if you pretend to care?

Among things you can hear in the audio recording or things she said in numerous other occasions publically, Nancy Janes claims that Dana Costin threaten people from Holland and she has houses all over Europe, that she will borrow cheap/second hand clothes and cars to look poor while she is very rich.


I borrowed ROLDA with personal money that my father left. The total loan is over 30000 EUR.

All my treasure is the shelters where I tireless work to make a change in Romania.

My employees, my collaborators, people who adopted from ROLDA and other decent people know me and my work, I don’t feel the need to pay Romanian colleagues or others to preach ROLDA activity.


I am lucky (which balanced the lack of inspiration I had, despite numerous “signals” to work with RAR and RAA in this life!)to find reasonable, intelligent people which rise above the gossips and slander….all the others RAR can have them.


My personal life, including drama happened previously (dramas that could happen to everyone and which I stated clearly I don’t want to talk about) were made public and subject of laughing and bad talking.


I have no problem to work and make ROLDA grow, but it is more and more time consuming to fight alone with the army of paid people who react on command against what they didn’t even bother to know.


Nancy Janes pretends that ROLDA received in donations half million US$ – inaccurate and abusive remark to delude potential donors. Apart from the contract signed with AMG and apart from building/assets costs, ROLDA budget is only a fraction of Janes abusive claims.

On the other hand, RAR budget doubled since the slander campaign started as ROLDA donors are stolen every day.


Someone said he is tired of this circus because it is a fight among charities, whom will get the bigger cake slice. Somehow it might be true, if it would not be involving so unfairly hundreds of dogs that ROLDA can’t help because of these invented slander campaign, countless sterilizations that we couldn’t done this year because funds were decreasing terribly.

The Nancy Janes’ pack even approach AMG our sponsor in their malefic attempt to stop them support ROLDA.

Does it mean she /they care about 500 dogs that we look after monthly, hundred of adoptions we done in Holland, Norway, UK? They interfere and sabotage all projects they discover where ROLDA is involved like Klassik Radio, Great Nonprofits, Global Giving online fundraising, etc


What fault my dogs have to be vitiated by adulterated minds (or “blinded” minds because personal gains)? Is it any way to stop them harm my dogs and all Romanian dogs /people helping them (apart from people she favorites)?

The most honest , civilized and normal solution will be to solve these problems on the Court, I wonder (like many others) why RAR and RAA/AFRA prefers the gossiping and slander on public meetings, conferences, on illegal websites, on Facebook (where they are reported and deleted), etc?

IRS 2010 – Romania Animal Rescue misleading again?

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

After being exposed  for forgetting” to justify over 40000 US$ on activities in Romania, the next IRS form for 2010 is incomplete, meaning that RAR and President Nancy Janes conveniently “forgot” to write officially where the donations (possibly YOUR donation) was gone, to which charity specifically.

It is against the rules and against an honest charity’ transparency not to specify where people’s money were sent in the country supposed to be helped.


If you add up the numbers of  “detailed total expenses” it is not even close to the total expenses declared by her on the first page.



The IRS form for 2010 is modified coarsely by Nancy Janes with the pencil and it is forbidden by law to correct over the “audited” original.

You will find nowhere else, to any reputable charity such modifications!


If you add these numbers the total is 102000 US$ which doesn’t reflect to any number previously declared. Plus, the last number is attached on the original with pencil, again Nancy Janes writing!


I don’t want to imply it’s not accurate; I try to make a point that it’s illegal.


Do you ever wonder why the IRS form are not listed, ever, on the RAR official website? Or why the receipts “received” from current collaborators like Dr.A. & Co are never made public while receipts from ROLDA are “everywhere” because ROLDA was fooled to send these receipts (so Nancy Janes can choose and pick up, as she required- what she needed, as she already had a translator)…while the present collaborators send her just a piece of paper A4 .

The funniest part is that according to Janes herself public statements on Facebook page, this is legal ,according to US laws?! A piece of A4 solve and explains everything!

How in the World to justify nearly 100000 US$ with a piece of paper and be OK? In which country? On what Planet?


These are questions crossing my mind not to compromise the work RAR does in Romania but to opposite these illegal actions with the slander that Nancy Janes deliberately created to hurt ROLDA and prevent their dogs to get support.