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Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Nancy Janes is “investing” donors money to go to conferences, some within USA where she lives, some in Europe (well, a short “bonus” vacation off for her and her husband doesn’t hurt, isn’t it?)

It happened first at Best Friends event in 2010 when Nancy Janes saw a ROLDA representative at “No more homeless pets” Conference and her mind became darker than usual (when she hears accidentally or not ROLDA name).


In 2011, it was AR Conference and the same ROLDA representative (US citizen) was verbally attacked and harassed only because she didn’t learn the previous year’ lesson and “dare” to show up in public promoting what Nancy Janes hates.


Among the ordinary lies said by Nancy Janes to this innocent victim, I will highlight for you to understand the dimensions of “problem” and lack of appropriate treatment yet found for “the problem”:


She boasted that Global Giving gave up helping ROLDA because she made that possible. What a victory! Everything for the animals!

Thanks to Nancy Janes and her team of comploters, Klassik Radio from Germany also gave up helping Romanian dogs.

Janes “adviced” (read threaten) the same ROLDA representative not to ever go again to Best Friends conferences as she is not welcomed!!!


Nancy Janes also said that Dana Costin from ROLDA has houses and apartments all over Europe, while the truth is that Dana Costin has NO HOUSE even in Romania!

She also said that ROLDA people will wear “borrowed clothes” to look poor in front of visitors!!!!!




Do you think it stopped here?! No, 2011 was a glorious year for Nancy Janes, an “active” animal welfare “personality”….

Latest conference held in Europe turned up to be transformed in other glorious moments for Janes, incapable to preach her charity work, but using the opportunity to slander ROLDA, her obsession.


Nancy Janes start presenting her allegations the minute someone mentioned word “money” and making inquiries about other Romanian charities; she is desperate to slander ROLDA and in this cheap dirty way to rise above with her charity.


Because ROLDA is the only Romanian charity registered in USA- a direct competitor for her and RAR, because ROLDA and RAR worked together and because Dana Costin knows all her tricks and “capabilities”. Dana doesn’t kiss her back and glorify her; this is something she gets plenty from other Romanians.


One of the new and among the biggest lies: Nancy Janes invented now that there would be more people to speak negatively about ROLDA, but they are afraid because Dana is threatening them. She mentioned a lady from Holland which Dana threatens recently and this is why she is so terrified to speak against ROLDA.


Another new reason of blaming: She and her troops of puppets discovered a convenient way to blame ROLDA for the number of dogs roaming on the streets of Galati city. She inform people that because of ROLDA the dogs population grows, because ROLDA does nothing etc….she manipulates people to believe that ROLDA is a sort of governmental organization because only authorities agencies that have contracts with City Halls can actively catch (use tranquilizing) semi wild dogs from the streets.


It is funny however as anyone can read on RAR website that back in 2008 Nancy Janes ended the collaboration with Gheorghita Ileana, the vet from Galati and moved to Braila because RAR solved the strays problem in Galati…and in 2011 -it’s Dana’s fault for dogs being on the streets!



Can you imagine who defends Romanian strays?!


ROLDA can sterilize only from the funds collected in this purpose. ROLDA can’t use donations or sponsorships given for other purposes to be used for spaying. ROLDA also has dogs’ shelters demanding costs that Nancy Janes can’t think about because she was incapable to build a shelter, even when she announced she raise funds for it.


Another shameless lie against ROLDA is to pretend that this charity has a half million USD/year in donations. While the local sponsor contributes for the large shelter and building work, the rest of donations coming to ROLDA are less than annual declared budget of RAR.

Why Nancy Janes misinform people publically?


Nancy Janes took the army of puppets all the way to Europe to backup her. Romanians keen to kiss her posterior for a promised fortune. Romanians badmouthing each other, just to rise themselves.


Years passing, more and more lies coming out from the addle pseudo-brain of Nancy Janes.


Do these lies affect dogs and Romania? Of course!

Does she care? No, because the last 6 years “history” proofs that time passing just make things worst , because her envy that ROLDA grows make Janes invent more and try to hurt more.


There is no purpose telling you the conclusions that you can jump by yourself.

Just a piece of advice-be careful whom you give funds and rely on.

Why Kendra Pinder (RAA UK) try to take away our dogs food?

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Imagine dogs in the kennels left with no quality food.

Why?! How cruel to be to do this only to follow your ambitions and revenge against one person?

In her desperate attempts to hurt Dana and ROLDA, Kendra Pinder (Romania Animal Aid UK) contacted our food provider and annoyed them to ruin ROLDA bussiness relation with them.

ROLDA  food provider represents a well known good Romanian charity. They make and sell this food for dogs and profits are redirected to spay/neuter.

In her  risible  attempt to hurt ROLDA dogs, Kendra Pinder is ready to prevent the rescue souls to have a good quality meal and also prevent many street animals to be sterilized.

Why so much envy and harassment?

Alex I. got the “cake” for slandering ROLDA

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Nancy Janes from RAR is very generous to take with/meet her puppets on trips around the World!

 The latest example is Alex I., who travelled and experienced Nancy’ generosity in Latvia. She is not part of any charity, she is not active member of any Romanian group.

What she is than? The momentum favorite back-kisser of Nancy Janes.

 The “history” showed different other names serving, coming and going. One of these names is Marian Capatana who also received a “cake- reward”, a trip in Slovenia in 2006 because being a loyal back kisser.


And what means being a “back kisser for Janes”?! For potential candidates ;-)

Simple, stabbing and hurting ROLDA – which is Nancy Janes obsession. If you do this, you’ll get soon a trip as present for your loyalty;-)


Monday, October 17th, 2011


 Kendra Pinder (the same one pledging guilty for forgery few years ago in a Court in UK)try to manipulate and humiliate the little supporters remained to back up RAA a charity that became a tabloid more than a rescue group in the past months!


Kendra Pinder and a collegue loaded lot of items brought in good faith by supporters to Chrissy’s house in Potters Bar, UK and hit the road to “rescue Romanian animals”. After nobody was able (from RAA staff) to get in touch with her, Kendra finally came up with a story that even a retardate mind person would be offended to read or laugh, in the best case!


Kendra Pinder practically blames her colleague for the fiasco. Another fiasco in her pathetic life, but this time the fiasco hurted people who trusted RAA and the animals depending on “Kendra” action!


What really happened? According to Kendra , she was driving from UK to Holland to pick up donated supplies for Romanian dogs, but didn’t took those supplies after all as the new purchased van ‘clutch failed. Even after repairing it, Kendra still didn’t collected the supplies and drove to Germany.

7 days later!!!! She arrived in Frankfurt!!!!

Then bizzare things are coming one after another from Kendra mouth: She pretends that she didn’t saw the signs when exit Austria and enter Slovenia!!! Than again she saw no signs when enter Croatia!!!!

 I am sure that many of you drove at least in one occasion outside the country, how you possibly NOT SEE signs as a driver?!

Than after asking at gas station in which country she is?!?!?! , she found out easily she is on a different continent….anyway, she returned half of the country and almost a day to get to Croatia border with Hungary….where she was caught by the Customs because she transported illegal supplies!


Dogfood without documents and expired medical products are forbidden supplies. Everyone attending a rescue mission knows this! Chrissy knew that but again she hoped they will get away, like many others time. Chrissy, Kendra and RAA plays poker games with dogs lives because Romanians are too poor or too coward to protest!


Kendra Pinder pretend she had a GPS and also a co-pilot. Does she really think we are all so stupid to believe her trash served with shameless arrogance and hypocrisy?!

Her drama queen role is really pathetic. If you are such a miserable driver, as you can’t see signs at the edge of the road, why you take into your care and become responsible for 20 dogs lives to drive them anywhere?!

Don’t you think those dogs suffer enough, not to be smashed by such a stupid person in a car accident, or let freeze at the edge of the road in the numerous stops that Kendra does because it is over her dignity or menthal possibility to read signs at the edge of the road and follow them?!


With this type of driver, RAA fool supporters to hand over in good faith supplies, items, donations for fuel (for Kendra’s wandering!) and more important, RAA would have put  the life of countless (as they are not about respecting any transport rules!) unfortunate dogs!!!!


No wonder no Romanian group handed her any dog to carry back on way home to UK. 



Now the questions arising:


Is Chrissy P. , the founder of RAA part of this odd happening?

Or she simply can’t get rid of Kendra now, after she was the “guardian” barking here and there at different charities from Romania which suddenly Chrissy & Co. didn’t liked, after taking advantage of them for months or years?


Kendra Pinder wrote herself “A few hours after this, the team received another blow, from 20 dogs we were due to collect in Romania

Herself, RAA and especially Chrissy P. didn’t learn a thing from the devastating experience they had end of May when almost 50 dogs crowded into a small van, thanks to the bright mind of Chrissy…were almost confiscated by the Dutch Police.

These women think only about their own fame and glory, so what if 50 dogs were about to be put to sleep because their ignorance or stupidity?! Let’s risk the chance to transport another 20 dogs, putting all their lives into the hands of Kendra Pinder (who is so pathetic that she cannot read road signs!!!) and let’s see what’s happening!!!


People: you shouldn’t be animal lovers to understand that these evil women play with dogs lives. Simple common sense is enough.

According to their own statements:” originally sent pups to Holland un-vaccinated and caused the parvo outbreak at the centre

How RAA has the guts to blame other charities for all sorts of non-senses, invented purely by hate and jealousy, when miraculously some sick puppies from Romania arrived in Holland… when it is impossible, beyond imagination that they could simply dropped sick pups into a good shelter in Holland, putting in danger the life of all other dogs from that shelter, pets coming in contact with those dogs, etc


Kendra Pinder accuses numerous times Croatia Customs for being corrupt. Why she went to Croatia in the first place?! From UK (an EU country) a normal person would travel via EU countries and enter Romania via Hungary. The shortest, simpliest, fastest way. Even Chrissy did this masterpiece herself! Probably she would advice Kendra if she could reach her by mobile, etc. Wonder why Kendra didn’t want to be reached?

 No one can think she would take a short vacation to see Croatia by night when there is so much rescue action in Romania …. plus imagine how many supplies, fuel wasted in case all this costed money… 

With the article written by Kendra Pinder itself, the UK media should respond and authorities take action! These women have just a big mouth! And brain?

In the end , let’s make a bet: Kendra Pinder keeps blabbering how she will report news from her lawyer, etc. Trust me, there is no news to be reported, as she will never go to any trial. She and her collegue signed some papers, plus they were transporting illegal products…, this is another charming conclusion to ease another disaster created and fool how many she can still fool on the Earth!

Message about Nancy Janes/RAR

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

From an american citizen, Roxann to Dana/ROLDA:

  Hi Dana, thank you for all the wonderful work you do & your recent ROLDA Newsletter that responded to the emotionally deranged woman, Nancy Janes, and her gunslinger friends. Their ongoing attacks all these years later do nothing, but show how terribly emotionally unbalanced they are.

That Nancy Janes has nothing better to do than to focus her relentless energy and unfounded attacks towards you and your wonderful organization when Romanian animals need every once of love and help they can get, especially on Romanian soil.

It’s very sad that an American would contribute towards the disruption and division of animal organizations in Romania that already struggle so hard to find the funds and staff to work together towards one common goal, the health, safety ,re-homing and animal welfare education of all Romanian animals.

If I were a lawyer I would take her to court myself and have her immediately CEASE and DESIST her illegal and unfounded harassment and bullying. What she’s doing is considered a crime in America and she knows this. Only a very emotionally unbalanced person would continue to spread such lies and in the end only hurt the ones who need help the most, all of the wonderful animals you have dedicated your life to helping.

God knows the truth Dana , we can see through all the lies.”