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RAR humiliates its (few) supporters

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Did you donated to RAR or consider to do this?

You should read this (as well as other articles from this web) before searching for your wallet.

Nancy Janes the President of Romania Animal Rescue, Inc was reported to IRS and Ministry of Finance Romania for possible fund emblazing. In 2009 – 47000 USD were transferred from RAR USA to RARF Romania – Nancy Janes being founder and president of both.

These are the amounts transferred(as it is shown by Nancy Janes herself in IRS F990/2009)

1. First bank wire: 28390 USD

2. Second bank wire: 18750 USD

Being asked why she doesn’t have records for the bank wires, she publically presented two A4 papers written and signed by the other two founders of RARF in Romania.

They “gave their word” to have used the amounts for the purpose sent, but no receipt no document proofing how money were spent.

1. first A4 paper (signed and stamped)coming from Livia Brenner for 18750 USD (amount written with the pencil by Nancy Janes, under whatever Brenner wrote)

2. second A4 paper (only signed) 21261 USD


What do you see abnormal in these statements “officially” presented? Well, RAR probably believe that its supporters don’t know to add two numbers….as clearly if you add these amounts the result is 40011 USD.

Where is the difference? If I say it’s vanished….it might be wrong. Why don’t you ask yourself RAR and Nancy Janes why she didn’t bother for the total of the amounts to look like in the papers?! It’s lack of interest, lack of care or pure stupidity?


RAR demanded from previous collaborators like ROLDA a lot of papers and documents to justify the donations, now it seems that an A4 paper is good enough for Nancy Janes eyes, should this be enough for IRS USA? Or for supporters?!

We will see what is the result of the investigation soon.


Meanwhile, RAR supporters should feel humiliated and insulted by these “proofs” on how money were spent – and probably sad as they thought they are helping the animals in Romania!

Anja Stein – the deceived mistress

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Or Nancy Janes’  ”twin” sister ;-)

She is busy visiting Fiducia shelter, writing to the steel company….busy, busy girl!

After promising support to ROLDA animals (see here Anja testimonial) – after a 5 weeks visit to form herself an accurate opinion….well, she met virtually Nancy Janes.

Than her accurate opinion changed. Suddenly….and irreversibly.

It changed so dramatically that now Anja Stein (part of RAR) is determined to destroy ROLDA .

She sent a fax to the steel company pretending that she is about to do a documentary for VOX – in her desperate hope to gather information about Dana and her bussiness relation with the steel company.

After a while she continue the harassment, probably forgot that she wrote in the fax  good words about what it  is done for the animals, now blaming the same efforts done by the Mittal company to sustain an animal welfare project in Romania….only because this is done with ROLDA, that she hates – because Nancy Janes told her to hate it….isn’t it ridiculous?!

Why she is a mistress?! Beside describing facts from her personal life, because she acts like one….sneaking to find out information and trying to destroy things that she is /would be incapable to create.

If Nancy Janes would have a twin in this World – her name would be Anja Stein!

Believe it or not, it happened…

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

The “actor” still lives in USA, maybe all the clues will point out whom SHE is….

Fuel her car with petrol. After paying , she forgot to put the petrol pump back into the filling station…and destroy the pump entirely when the car begin to move thanks to its clever driver ;-)

Her husband looking after other women. Seeing her, no wonder he does this! At some point he was busted, and forced to go for several years to marriage counselor to be humiliated publically. Guess how he was busted: during driving (don’t know if the same car from previous story) he looked to women jogging….and because he can’t do two things in the same time (looking driving looking driving) he caused a collision with the car in front.

The marriage counselor solved in years this problem: when looking after other women, he never made another accident again!

The best one is kept the last (for the moment ;-)

One day she drunk (again) too much tequilla.  Shots after shots. Her best friend try to seduce her, being also drunk. (This friend defended her many times in highschool when being fat and same ugly, she was an easy target for many jokes) A fresh air remind her that she shouldn’t be let herself seduced by her best friend!

She ran, get into the car (when she barely see the road) and start driving to her new destination. Passing a desert – the effects of alcohol increase her state of mind and decrease obviously her (normally poor) driving abilities.

Luckily for the rest of people around this disaster called human, because it was very late, all the roads were almost empty.

She had bottles of drink in the car, one broke and her hand was seriously cut (she still has the mark on her arm/hand as a reminder that my words are true). She stopped eventually the car, step out in the desert and start yelling that the Police must come to arrest her as she doesn’t want to die….

Well these are the true stories of a woman now president of a charity from abroad helping Romanian animals who talks now about morality…. Great, isn’t it?!


Sunday, September 18th, 2011

From ROLDA for whomever can respond.

Chrissy Phillips from RAA haven’t been to ROLDA since 2008.However she seems to “report” in her “new testimonial” bad conditions in our shelters that worries her big heart.

This didn’t stop her to intermediate, less than 6 months ago, some puppies’s rescue to ROLDA. And not an ordinary one!!!

Lelia Creanga, one of representative of Romania Animal Rescue in Romania, saved 4 puppies from the streets of Iasi, but because looking after puppies prove to be a difficult task…Lelia Creanga “cleverly” concluded it is easier to pass them to some charity to look after them properly….

Iasi city is 4 hours driving from Galati, still at RAR and RAA recommendations Lelia Creanga handed the pups to ROLDA drivers and never asked about them even since.

If these two charities (RAR-Nancy Janes, and RAA-Chrissy Phillips) are posing so much against ROLDA shelters conditions and are spending now money and energy to hurt our image, WHY not looking after the dogs they “rescue”?! WHY they choose ROLDA from all the Romanian charities to complete this rescue mission, if we are so bad, evil, etc?!

They pass conveniently the puppies to ROLDA and now have the nerve to criticize our work.

Pertinent answers from rational people are welcomed. Into a society driving nuts by hypocrisy and lies, help me find the right answer!