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Why harassing ROLDA on internet

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Well, because it’s convenient, cheap and easy to get away with it.

It is a fact that idiots are not banned of having access to the internet. Kendra Pinder representing Romania Animal Aid and Nancy Janes representing Romania Animal Rescue are the living proofs for this.

Using donors money, these “persons” are buying one domain after another to “expose” ROLDA. In their seriously damaged brain left-over probably they consider themselves “superiors” and “capable” to fool the people around by twisting facts and misleading with fake-proofs.

Of course domains, sites and videos are removed by serious website administrator. This doesn’t make lunatics stop.

Lately, two different domains were purchased and reported almost immediately. They pretend to donate to animals while using funds to fuel their personal vendetta. Double-check whom you donate in good faith for not sponsoring slandering campaign on the internet!

Why it is convenient to slander and libel than act in the Court? First, because they know they have zero chances to win based on allegations and faked “proofs”. Second, because their target is not bringing arguments, but finding enough idiots around to believe their ideas coming up from  narcotic brain and hopefully speak further to convince others.

Kendra Pinder is familiar with Court. She admitted to forge different people signatures, she knows a trial can be very costly. She choose targets after making sure they don’t sit on mountains of money to fight back. Same goes for Nancy Janes – when she was about to be sued by a rich person, she quickly apologias – otherwise she has her mouth full of….well, lies and what did I meant to say….venin! Yes, right.  The “old Jack” liquid transformed in Janes mouth into a less alcoholic base.


Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Would you call someone “human” if she is using a 83 years old woman’ s problems and worries for personal benefits?!

Romania Animal Rescue “president”, Nancy Janes declared with a lot of  fuss on 2 august 2011 that she received donations to spay 100 female dogs at Fiducia shelter.

As a reminder: Fiducia shelter is run by a 83 years old woman named Mrs Lidia. Only she knows how many difficulties and problems she is facing daily for her dogs.

Nancy Janes sitting comfortable on her chair in California, playing God – posted another message on Adapost (translate = shelter) Fiducia Facebook profile: she received donations to spay 200 female dogs!!!

People from Fiducia shelter were normally happy and full of hopes…but it’s September now and NOBODY went to Fiducia to spay any female.

Females are producing puppies, which are dying because common kennel illnesses….whom is the responsible in this case?

Whom deceive people, donors – and most of all, the animals that she pretends to help?! Why Nancy Janes mislead people that she is sending the vets to spay dogs and gave fake hopes to Romanians?

One possibility is Nancy Janes schizophrenia. Another possibility is that Fiducia people were reluctant to hurt RAR/ Nancy Janes enemies and participate to their “complot”… History showed that Nancy Janes didn’t helped people that were not active complotting against whatever she is hating.

Possibilities can be many. The fact is that Fiducia female dogs were not sterilized on 27 August and puppies born and died because of this woman lies should hunt her sick mind till the end!


Nancy Janes old lies

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

Four or five years ago Nancy Janes lied some ROLDA supporters from UK that she was asked by a multinational media company to say her “experience”  and they are going to expose  ROLDA nationally.

This was a fake information, precisely told to different supporters to give credibility to her illusions and lies.

Time prove that no media corporation did no report/documentary against ROLDA. Over the years, different forms and variations on the same lie created panic, discomfort and bad image to ROLDA in Romania and abroad.

I wonder – this is a natural way to compete with a local charity who aim to raise funds, like RAR does? Why Nancy Janes and her army of puppets don’t borrow a brain to use to create successful fundraising appeals instead of backstabbing those whom she is unable to compete?

Or saving Romanian animals means killing the local who do some rescue work, for making Nancy Janes look like the “true hero”?

Nancy Janes: where are the 40000 $ raised?

Saturday, August 20th, 2011



I received these documents from Ministry of Justice Romania. All pages are dated 11 august 2011. Being public documents, you can ask yourself copies of these  to verify the accuracy of the following statements.

Below it clearly shows that Nancy Janes continues to be the founder and the President of RARF association in Romania despite the fact she denied it.

I will present once again the proofs and you can decide for yourself why she is lying, why she is hiding her role in RARF and why she doesn’t respond to direct questions – especially questions coming from  RAR donors!



 (photo – official response from Ministry of Justice)


 (photo – no change regarding the founders of RARF Romania)


(photo – no change regarding whom is the President of RARF Romania)


posted on Facebook, on august 2011


Nancy Janes is misleading donors and credulous supporters because she knows that very few have access to Romanian documents, she is twisting words and blame others  for her own lies and failures!


Nancy Janes is founder and President of Romania Animal Rescue, Inc and the founder and president of RARF Association in Romania. She was asked several weeks ago why RARF didn’t add on Ministry of Finance Romania their financial statements, like all other charities do.

This is a normal question which any decent president of any charity asking people money and claiming transparency should respond accurately.

Nancy Janes responded that she resigned RAR in august 2010. Which still didn’t responded to the question: what happened to the 40000 $ transfered by Nancy Janes RAR USA to Nancy Janes RARF Romania in 2009?

Up to present she never show any kind of financial statement for this.

Even more, the documents received from the Ministry of Justice shows that Nancy Janes LIED and she is still the President of RARF – a charity which didn’t publically posted the financial accountability results since 2008!!!!

Other animal lovers react against RAA and RAR abuses

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Mira Iordanescu fights the best she can for animals in Romania.

She doesn’t ask anyone for a penny, but promotes Romanians helping animals in Romania, not “collectors” from abroad who helps on their own agenda, only the charities “they like” and slander those charities “they don’t like”.

The harm that these people make by creating “black list” of charities that “shouldn’t be helped in Romania” is unbelievable!

Please see some links here and judge for yourself!




Emails between RAA and RAR against ROLDA

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

See how these “ladies” works to “help” animals in Romania.

Wasting precious time and energy trying to denigrate ROLDA, conspiring against another animal charity in Romania named MaxDog,etc.

These emails were exchanged between Romania Animal Rescue and Nancy Janes, Chrissy Phillips from Romania Animal Aid, Kendra Pinder who lately forged some signatures and had a trial in UK, pledging guilty in front of the Court, Alex Ionescu – a supporter of RAR and RAA.


RAA and RAR emails exchange part 1


Emails between RAA and RAR against ROLDA part2


Emails between RAA and RAR against ROLDA -part3


Emails between RAR and RAA against ROLDA part4


You can click and save in your computer every photo, for a higher resolution. Please forward to your friends and community of animal lovers.

RAR and RAA conspiring against ROLDA

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Why? Because ROLDA saves and rehome hundred of street dogs? Because ROLDA  have shelters and constantly try to improve the dogs living conditions?

No, because they can’t stand the fact ROLDA exist!

These emails exchanged between Nancy Janes from RAR, Chrissy Phillips from RAA,Kendra Pinder(the medium), Alex Ionescu (their fan, probably and “consultant”) shows how these charities COMPLOTE to discreditate ROLDA.

Kendra is saying basically how “sneaky” she was to have reworded a website, not to accusse ROLDA directly (as this means harassment), but to simply post everything on there, and than suggest people only links to those informations.

They also speaks how to destroy MaxDog another Romanian charity(because Brenda doesn’t like them!, they admit they have no proofs against them)

They worked hard from months to create a website against ROLDA, begging and harassing people for “juicy stories”, and now they are making a plan how to avoid being sued by ROLDA.

They also talk whom to choose to spread the garbage online, they fear that Brenda C. will not be credible and they propose Kat Collins, another of their tools instead.

They even comment at some point “It will be us appearing as the bad guys, hurting all Romanian rescuers and having cruel intentions”.

These two charities and some people around them have one agenda: discreditating those they don’t like, using energy and resources on that instead of focusing on helping dogs!


Come on, people – read everything here and start protesting today, speak up against these women who follows only their own evil purpose !

Emails exchange between RAR and RAA


More emails exchange between RAR and RAA conspiring against ROLDA

In case you don’t see the text – please save the photos in your file , open and it will have a better,readable resolution.


Friday, August 5th, 2011

An article from The Sentinel (UK Newspaper) describes some actions that Kendra Pinder (RAA) shouldn’t be proud of, especially when preaching others about values likes truth, sincerity, honesty.

This is the link to archive of The Sentinel publication:

And because you can’t see the full article here, because you would need to subscribe first – we made a printscreen of article for you ;-)

Disturbing news about Kendra Pinder

Kendra is proudly part of RAA and AFRA , which stands for Romania Animal Aid in UK.

We are so thrilled to hear more about the obscure-background of the “real fighter” for “Romanian animals welfare”!!!!


Sentinel, The (Stoke-on-Trent UK)
Browse back issues of this publication by date
September 5, 2007 | Sentinel Reporter

Medium Kendra Pinder forged documents to secure premises to set up a spiritualist church.
The 36-year-old, of Cormie Close, Chell Heath, pictured, admitted four charges of forgery and four counts of using a false instrument with intent at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court yesterday.
But Pinder disputed the prosecution’s version of the events surrounding the forgeries, so a hearing was held to allow Judge Granville Styler to decide what the true circumstances were.
The court heard Pinder was a member of Hanley Spiritualist Church, but in 2004 she and several others left the church and decided to set up their own project, called The Phoenix Centre.
They found a premises called The Old Church, on Avenue Road, Shelton, and took on the lease.
But the project later ran into trouble and was left owing more than pounds10,000.
Pinder admitted she forged the signature of Vincent Boulton, the father of her then-partner, in July 2004.
The document was a letter purporting to be from Mr Boulton agreeing to act as guarantor on the lease for The Old Church, whichPinder took out in her name.
Pinder claimed Mr Boulton knew she had written the letter and gave her permission to sign it on her behalf.
She said: “He was there. His hand was shaking so he said I could sign it for him.”
She said there was never any danger of Mr Boulton being left with any debt, because she and her partner, Paul Boulton, planned to sell a house they owned if the project ever ran into trouble.
Pinder also admitted signing the lease for the premises in Mr Boulton’s name, but said he had also given her permission for this.
The estate agent leasing the property required two references vouching for the guarantor, which Pinder also admitted she forged.
One of the referees, Christine Carr, said she had not given permission for Pinder to write to the agent on her behalf.
But Pinder said Mrs Carr was present when she wrote the letter.
Pinder said: “I went round to her house and she was supposed to have written the letter but she hadn’t.
“I was under pressure to get it sorted but she was busy with her daughter so I wrote it and signed it. At the time I thought nothing of it.”
The court heard Pinder also forged a letter purporting to be from a second referee.
Judge Styler rejected Pinder’s version of events.
He said: “I’m satisfied the Phoenix Centre was a project Ms Pinderwas determined to push through, and the only way she could do this was to forge documents and signatures.
” It is far too coincidental that she should also need to forge the signatures of Christine Carr and the other referee.
“Ms Pinder’s allegations against Mr Boulton and in respect of Christine Carr are manifestly untrue.”
Judge Styler adjourned sentence for the preparation of pre- sentence reports.


Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Chrissy Phillips /RAA lying supporters that Dana was in vacation to Monaco

This email was sent on 18/11/2010 to ROLDA by Chrissy Phillips from RAA:

I did have concerns earlier this year to see that you had been in Monaco, I was trying to reach you over that period and felt it strange that you would be in such an expensive place but I apologise for ever saying this to anyone as ultimately it’s none of my business where you go.
I hope we can agree to call a truce now and move on albeit in separate ways, we are both her to do our best for the animals and should not be spending so much time argueing.”

She wanted “truce” after informing ROLDA UK supporters that Dana spent vacation in Monaco. Confronted, she finally admited she was lying…but how many damages this evil statement created?!

These kind of lies are not new things. Nancy Janes is harassing ROLDA representatives everywhere she can , stopping them to ” reveal facts” like “Dana has luxury houses everywhere in Europe” or “Dana buy luxury clothes from big designers”, “Dana goes every year in luxury trips”….Any proofs related to any of these statements?! Who cares to be moral or fair with ROLDA, when tabloid subjects open new doors and everywhere Nancy Janes find new puppets to accept her lies…

So what if ROLDA dogs will be suffering because of this unfair slander? Does she care about animals comparing with her 6 years old obssesion against Dana?!


Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011



According to her own statements, Kendra visited Romania in July 2011 to find Little Gray;but she ended up throwing her venine on other people living in this country, especially slandering a group in Predeal who rescue homeless animals.

Little Gray wasn’t found by Kendra/RAA/ AFRA UK because he was previously saved by RAR….WHAT A GREAT TEAM EFFORT!!!