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Sunday, July 31st, 2011

I’ve noticed that RAR has no financial accountability on their official website. I was intrigued as everywhere they go or everywhere they post news, “transparency” and “honesty” are the common words to describe themselves;-)

I searched on (the official website of Ministry of Finance Romania) and noticed RARF doesn’t have the financial statement reported since 2008.

Do NOT think they were transparent even in 2008! It happened they got registered at the beginning of December month 2008 and during the same time, they completed a formal financial statement for Romanian officials.

I invite YOU to check my statements, following these steps:

1. access

2.On the right column, at “Agenti comerciali” click on “Nume si judet” and write Bucuresti and RARF , or search after this identification code: 24829694

3. You will see RARF was registered in December 5, 2008 and the last document containing their financial information arrived to Romanian officials on 8 December 2008. Nothing at all after that!!!

I went to well-known Guidestar database and found the Form 990/2009 of RAR where Nancy Janes, the founder, writes she wired (bank transfer) 40000 USD to RARF.

RAR Founders



In RARF documents, she is the president and founder, according to the current official Romanian database.

Being asked, Nancy Janes said she doesn’t have anything to do with RARF anymore, since 2010 when she resigned in August. But she didn’t announce it officially until being asked.

Now Janes/RAR claims she completed the papers for IRS as Livia Brener had the power of attorney in Romania. This is another trick of Janes, because she was the one sending the money in Romania, she is the President of the Romanian charity receiving the money, the only thing she did was completing on the Form 990 the fact she wired two times to RARF two different amounts, in total of 40000 USD.

But no receipts or other documents are provided to justify how the amount was spent , as the money were spent in Romania and the financial report should be publically disclosed in this country.