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Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

The video recorder by Cenac to serve Nancy Janes and Romania Animal Rescue in their poor obsessive attempts to slander ROLDA have been removed by Youtube staff.

This is the link :

In real World,  proofs are demanded by rational people, in order to believe any type of accusations – even if these accusations are a cheap drama played by people with white hair…What’s more revolting: charities working for the same goal as ROLDA works hard in Romania – are going so low to use these kind of cheap drama’s to influence animal lovers Worldwide.

Puppets believe liars like RAA /AFRA and RAR. Real people, using their own brain wait for proofs.

In animals welfare world there is a lot of slander and abusive messages content. Important is to focus on the animals and leave the garbage eaters be successful between puppets!


Monday, August 1st, 2011

Dana is NOT Mittal employee, she is a volunteer for ROLDA Foundation. Mittal sponsored the large shelter facility (building), as well as the daily costs like food, salaries for workers, vet treatments and sterilizations.

Mittal doesn’t sponsor the Adoption Center, this is kept “alive” and in function from donations coming from private supporters.

Mittal doesn’t sponsor the dogs travel to Norway, Holland and elsewhere. This is paid from people adopting the dog/s.

Between December and March ROLDA had financial difficulties due to some delays in payments made by Mittal to them, this is why ROLDA made the appeals for food, but everything is back to normal since than for the large shelter.


Monday, August 1st, 2011

To some extent, Dana is ready to respond questions about her private life. Who is in love with her and why, this is tabloid type stories!

Merritt can be asked why he divorced his wife, but sounds ridiculous such a question anyway.

Having relations that comes and goes it happens in people’s life. It’s no invention, it’s nothing out of common.

Dana did “confessed” that she owns NO PERSONAL CAR, even if there wouldn’t be any drama if she would have.This is another lie coming from her ex- “collaborators” RAA. Her statement can be easily verified, everyone can ask the Finance authorities in Romania for a list with goods and properties which Dana holds. Her  full name is Costin Elena Daniela. Of course if someone wants verification and not empty cheap garbage talk.

She has NO HOUSE of her own. She has the computer in her mom’s apartment(two rooms). The small shelter land is “private” because this is the easiest way to deal with the local authorities which sometimes cause problems when you are an animal lover and help the street dogs.

If you are not corrupted as they are, they search for making you troubles. This is Romania!

The big shelter land was donated by an animal lover and on it was built the steel plant project: kennels and soon the charitable vet clinic.


Monday, August 1st, 2011

The grotesque video where Cenac plays the victim and is lying from the begining to the end was filmed by Marian Capatana, a close collaborator of RAR in 2006/2007.

For many years, ROLDA helped the City Hall pound where Cenac is employed.(Meaning that he gets a salary from the City Hall to look after the dogs that dog catchers collect from town.) Helped consisted in building materials, manpower (renovation work), deworming pills, vaccines, dogfood(mostly dry dogfood, but also bones provided by a company named DIABLO).

Due to the fact ROLDA stoppped working with RAR in May 2006 and Nancy Janes slandering campaign affected ROLDA donations, back in 2007, Dana ceased helping Cenac and the street dogs from that pound but it wasn’t an easy decision to take, as she felt personally like giving up on those dogs which she loved very much .

Previous to that,Dana annonced Cenac that she is not able for the moment to help him and he shouldn’t make debts hoping for ROLDA support, but he didn’t listen anyway!

And what else Cenac did? Was it grateful for ROLDA previous support?! No, he quickly oriented to their  ex- collaborator, Nancy Janes and RAR and probably was asked for slander ROLDA all the way he can, therefore he even recorded a video to say defamatory accusations against Dana and her charity.

Immediatly after RAA/ AFRA published on Youtube the Cenac video recorded for Nancy Janes petty use, ROLDA decided that Cenac is going to be brought to the Court and there the justice will be done. If he chose to look like a fool, no doubt that all the bunch of people “promoting” his valuable piece of…art…will look the same if not worse!