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Mandy Easter killed Romanian disabled dog

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

Shocking reports about Mandy Easter real love for the animals you can read on this Facebook page.

To resume, after raising money for half of year, using a disabled dog sufferance, keeping the dog alive just for the profit – Mandy Easter finally made the transport arrangements.

Sasha arrived in UK in March 2013 and 48 hours later, he was killed thanks to Mandy Easter care!


Testimonial about Kendra Pinder and RAA UK

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

You all remember whom is Kendra Pinder…

She joined Romania Animal Aid (RAA) with her group AFRA (lol!!!) and the result was Action Aid for Animals which start stealing from Radauti group money sent by different people around the World for the needing dogs. Kendra also become the only woman on Earth that reached Croatia instead of Romania. Well, it happens….or it doesn’t really?!

For normal people it happens to get lost in a new city, on a different street. Kendra succeed to be lost into a different country. For her, the road signs are those frustrating things that she can’t eat or she can’t run over. I don’t know which of these possibility she tried first. So don’t ask….

I recently receive a testimonial from a lady cheated by the funny medium, extra-sized being, called Kendra.Enjoy reading it!

“I have been on the net and havn’t found it hard to find people who have been cyber and otherwise bullied by kendra pinder and her lot.

I have just had the most horrible experience when I adopted a dog from them and not sure what to do about it.I should let it rest maybe but they get their way by bullying and lying and I feel very aggrieved by the whole thing.I adopted a dog from them and shortly afterwards learnt I may lose my job.

I was experiencing depression also and made the big mistake of telling them because I am an honest person and they said they valued honesty.I asked if he wouldn’t be better off somewhere else and they replied don’t let him go as I would regret it.Then my messages emails were sent to Kendra Pinder and from then on I had to fight to keep my dog despite being told I would be taken to court and I was a liar and not fit to care for an animal.

3 times they said they would come and take him and 3 times I managed to keep him.then I found I had indeed lost my job so had to reluctantly agree he should be rehomed as he needs vet treatment being an old dog.

We had bonded well so it was the hardest thing to do.I was assured he was going straight to a new home who could care for his vet needs.but he hasn’t gone there he has gone into foster.I asked if he had been taken to the vet yet and the reply was no.I havn’t had any apology from them about calling me a liar or that I wasnt fit to care for an animal.

I have been told if I send messages asking for that they will be ignored.this dog needs to see a vet and I was also told by ms Pinder I had no right to know what happens to him now he is gone from me.i just wanted to offload to someone who knows them first hand and what type of people they are.

This is such a shame because these dogs they take from the streets need help and so many do get help through them but their people skills are nil and it seems they dont care for the dogs as well as they say because this old chap of mine didnt deserve what he got.they never home checked me they never came to my house after I had him although i invited anyone to come and see he was well and happy.They know now that he was cared for and yet i have not had an apology.

I dont know what i can do about it.they are not about to let me have him back because i still am looking for a job but to take him saying he is going somewhere and then pass him around is not right and not to get him straight to a vet when all they did was go on about how I couldn’t support him.Sorry to offload.”

The lady name is Pam S.

Be warned, the next time when you’d like to do a nice thing, like adopting a dog or supporting Kendra’s nutrition in any fashion – you might end up with the support taken (she eats a lot!!!), without any thanks, more over being bullied and harassed, threaten and who knows….what else, because Kendra’s profile continue to improve ….

Radauti shelter :dogs dying!

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Did you ever saw a dog almost dying, desperately needing your help?

Did it ever happened to you that instead of helping this dog…you would waste vital minutes to take him photos, instead of running with him to a vet to do the outmost to save this dog life…photos to be used to impress the possible donors…?!?!

Who would have done such a thing?!

Take a look to this horrible ” call for action” campaign…and decide for yourself which human being would compromise herself so badly use a dog sufferance and deliberately wait for his death…to create a text to impress the readers.


RAA/Chrissy Phillips steals ROLDA supporters

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

It is no “hot news” that Chrissy Phillips used ROLDA collaboration for over 2 years, until ROLDA caught her lying big time!

Chrissy Phillips collected money in ROLDA name, for ROLDA adopted dogs and she never sent a penny in Romania, apart from a donation that she couldn’t pocket.

Chrissy Phillips influenced negatively all ROLDA supporters from UK despite the fact the only means of getting in touch with these people, at that time, was through ROLDA, using ROLDA beautiful and healthy dogs in her own advantage.

Chrissy Phillips harassed people from UK that continue to be ROLDA supporters.

In this printscreen, you can see how a lovely lady named Jayne who adopted a perfect dog from ROLDA was convinced by vicious women to be against ROLDA, even if each time this Jayne looks at her beautiful dog should be grateful to be the companion of such a healthy and perfect dog!


New gimmick to recruit more naives

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

It is well known that Nancy Janes and Kendra Pinder abusively included Dana’s (and her friends, family, relatives) private documents and personal data on a website they created together and promoted on the internet.

Despite numerous complaints, the documents remained online.

It appears that someone broke Dana’s boyfriend email address and using his personal data which are publicly for months on the Nancy Janes website, sent a letter out to DSV Botosani to stop the sterilization campaign organized by a local charity there.

It is sad that so many animals were prevented to be sterilized and stop reproducing, but it also shows how in the real life, when you try to harm someone in such a low way, by publicly showing up online his personal details, you end up to be a victim yourself!

Comments against RAA/Kendra Pinder abuse

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

People from all over the World protested against this “charity” abusive action.

Read a small fraction of all comments posted within few hours when the heartbreaking news was made public!














Shocking proofs against Kendra Pinder’s abuses

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012


60-70 dogs were transported from Romania to Germany, Holland and UK.


Days and days on the road, dogs were transported more in a single kennel, exactly as described in these photos. Wonder why Kendra Pinder has a secret Facebook group where she arranges details for each transport to and from Romania.


Maybe in the end, she feels guilty for charging people 200 GBP/dog to be tormented for days until if lucky,  poor voiceless soul reach his destination. What trauma, what barbaric thing to do!



RAA makes efforts to prevent ROLDA dogs to be rehomed!

Monday, January 9th, 2012

What a pathetic excuse of pseudo-animal lover this Chrissy Phillips is!

Look ,people, her own words trying to convince ROLDA UK Representatives NOT help ROLDA rehome more dogs in UK!

After sending tons of emails to harass ROLDA supporters and especially our charity representatives, after calling names like “animal abuser” those who didn’t reacted the way RAA and Chrissy Phillips expected, after trying so hard to find details who is fundraising ROLDA and persuade them NOT TO, now it seems that RAA has a problem if ROLDA send some dogs out in forever happy homes!

Maybe because it’s a conflict of interest, and while trying to alienate ROLDA, RAA is begging at different Romanian charity ‘doors for attention?!

After ROLDA ended working with RAA, they were incapable to send ANY DOG in UK because probably they couldn’t find a decent place to offer quarantine for 6 months to a dog. After January 2012, a new opportunity arise for Chrissy, as quarantine was off . Seeing a potential competitor in ROLDA,  this pathetic creature influence people not give a ROLDA dog a chance to be rehomed!

What a GREAT animal lover is Chrissy Phillips!!! Read her own incriminatory words and don’t get surprised, as she showed her true real face so many times before:

On Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 5:05 PM, Chrissy

Phillips <> wrote:
Hi D….,
I will also explain to you then why rehoming her dogs actually makes the situation worse for so many other dogs.  I know that won’t make sense right now but I will explain in more detail later.

There are a million dogs on the streets of Romania and literally hundreds of shelters that would gladly accept your assistance in rehoming dogs.  You will without doubt be contributing to Dana’s personal wealth if you find adoptees for her dogs.

People get very excited when they adopt understandably so and want to share photos/updates. Many go on to donate in the future or certainly share info about their dog with friends/family and how it came from Dana and indirectly others then donate.  I do know what I’m talking about Dee, I found homes for her dogs over the course of 2-years. if you do decide to walk away, please know that you can do this with no regret as I can put you in touch with so many other people that would be desperately grateful for your help and you could make more of a difference then you ever will do with Dana.

Please add me on FB or let me know what name you are under, at least we can keep in touch and you can see the sort of genuine appeals for homes that are always coming through daily?  Please also retain my personal email address.

Warmest wishes and apologies again for all the disappointment.

Chrissy xx

Another lie coming from Romania Animal Aid, UK

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Permanent target : ROLDA

Reason: UNKNOWN (well, some of us do know)

New lie: legal action taken by RAA against ROLDA

This is actually a ”more lies in one” because:

- ROLDA didn’t received any kind of official letter (except online gargabes posted on Facebook, etc) ;

(To be completely honest, ROLDA didn’t received ANY official complaint from no authority in Romania or elsewhere. ROLDA or its President, Dana Costin were never investigated or accussed , not to mention convicted in Romania or abroad.

The garbage circulating is created by sick minds to hurt ROLDA image in order to redirect the possible support(e.g. donations) to RAA and RAR instead.)

- It is funny that RAA first accussed ROLDA to steal from them 6000 GBP (or EUR, they were unsure about currency) but they didn’t took legal action for this….they preffered to suggest a connection of ROLDA to this website…and use resources for legal battle…..this is a trap to fool more naives!


Why Kendra Pinder (RAA UK) try to take away our dogs food?

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Imagine dogs in the kennels left with no quality food.

Why?! How cruel to be to do this only to follow your ambitions and revenge against one person?

In her desperate attempts to hurt Dana and ROLDA, Kendra Pinder (Romania Animal Aid UK) contacted our food provider and annoyed them to ruin ROLDA bussiness relation with them.

ROLDA  food provider represents a well known good Romanian charity. They make and sell this food for dogs and profits are redirected to spay/neuter.

In her  risible  attempt to hurt ROLDA dogs, Kendra Pinder is ready to prevent the rescue souls to have a good quality meal and also prevent many street animals to be sterilized.

Why so much envy and harassment?